Sunday, 30 November 2014

A Little Advent Idea...

I have been pretty lame on the blog recently. My little hobby has crashed and burned in the light of our little announcement yesterday... and that's fine. There are phases and seasons of life... and the past few weeks have left me shattered beyond anything I've ever experienced before. But I miss blogging. And I so want to be back here a little bit more. It's my little daily, creative outlet and I've just felt a bit like half my arm is missing without it.

And I wanted to thank you all too... because you've faithfully stuck by me, despite my haphazard writing these past few weeks... and it honestly is an honour to realise people actually want to hear what you've got to say (and it also feels like a big responsibility too... particularly when you feel like half your braining isn't functioning at its normal capacity) and so I wanted to show my thanks with a fun little treat for you all.

So here's my plan. Over the weekdays of Advent... I'm going to be posting a little daily advent calendar for you all online. A little freebie, a recipe, a giveaway, a recommendation or an Advent idea. Something little for you to open every day to spread a little Christmas cheer.

It's just not fair that the kids get all the fun, is it?!

So make sure you stop by tomorrow and see what's behind door number one. Each day will be a little bit different - a mixture of creative, spiritual, festive, giveaways and lots more.

I'm so excited about this little scheme of mine, and hope you will all enjoy it too!

See you tomorrow!!


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  1. That sounds like a lot of fun - especially the recipes - Kitty's already hooked on your spice biscuit recipe!


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