Monday, 22 December 2014

Advent Day 22: Christmas in the Hytte...

Our little piece of Norway is situated in our back garden...

In a little corner, right by the vegetable patch, is a cosy little Hytte specially built for two little ladies.

In the summer, it is practically lived in... in the winter, its been a little quieter down there as bugs and colds have hit us hard.

But this weekend, while two little girls were enjoying "nap time", Mama went down to our little Norwegian haven and turned it into a winter wonderland fit for two little people.

A few baubles, a christmas tree and a move around of the furniture and the place was transformed.

Needless to say, the little people and their friends spent most of yesterday afternoon cooking up a storm down there.

A few Christmas nibbles.

And a little place to rest, ready for Father Christmas of course...

Our little piece of Norway... Christmas Scandi style...

A special Merry Christmas to all our Scandinavian friends and family today. xxx


  1. Oh, I love to see my bits and bobs being still in use! It looks lovely I'm sure the girls loved the setup.

    Xxx Catrin

  2. You know how to make it lovely. If Ava and Heidi were here they would love playing in the snow and skiing😀

  3. Ahh I love that your little house is all Christmassy now, it is the best playhouse ever! Happy Christmas to you all. Mich x


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