Monday, 8 December 2014

Advent Day 8: Kindness Elf Inspiration

It's been amazing to see how this little idea of one christian blogger a couple of years back has had a ripple affect across the UK. My Facebook Newsfeed is now full of photos of so many of YOUR Kindness Elves and all they are up to, and its so wonderful to see how many people are keen to teach their children that Christmas is about giving, not receiving.

Because after all, Christmas is when we were given the best gift of all.

And so I thought it would be fun to share a little Kindness Elf inspiration. Our elves, Nico and Nati, have returned again this year to get up to all sort of overnight antics, and are doing a great job at teaching our girls to look out and not in... to challenge instinctive selfish behaviour, and help them remember to care for others around them.

I'd love to hear what yours have been up to too! Leave your ideas in the comments... I'd be thrilled to pass them on to Nico and Nati...

And perhaps you can steal some of our ideas to pass on to your Kindness Elves too!

We're back! And we've missed you!
We're so excited about sharing this Advent with you and we hope to be able to pass on a bit of love and joy this Christmas.
We've brought you a little gift! One chocolate coin for each of you, and one to give to a friend!
Nico and Nati xx

 Good morning!
We wanted to do something nice for you this morning, so we've made you breakfast!
Could you do something nice for someone today?
Nico and Nati xxx

Today we are looking after our sick friends.
If you see someone today who doesn't feel very well, can you help look after them?
Nico and Nati xx

Hi Ava and Heidi!
We've brought you a new game today - do you want to play with us?
Maybe later on you can invite someone to play with you?
Nico and Nati xxx

Hi Ava and Heidi!
Tomorrow, Papa's coming home!
Shall we make him a welcome home poster to show how much we've missed him?
Nico and Nati xxx

Today we're enjoying a little tea party!
It's St Nikolaus Day!
Shall we help Mama to make a hot flask of tea for Papa to take with us when we pick him up?
We believe he's coming home today!
Nico and Nati xxx

Dear girls'!
Did you know you can make lots of people very happy with your beautiful smiles?
So... brush your teeth and smile lots today!
Nico and Nati xxx

I wonder what they'll be up to this week?!


  1. Lovely! I've kind of ended up doing Kindness Elves without the elves, by committing to a present for Jesus every day during Advent. I realised when my 4yo asked on day 1: "Ah! Where *is* Jesus?" that we couldn't make actual physical presents or he would want to deliver them in person and watch Jesus unwrap them. So we are doing something that makes Jesus happy every day. So far we have: put a coin in a well that collected money for Demelza children's hospice (though I chickened out and said "hospital"); prayed for someone who is not feeling well, helped Mummy with chores in the house (my favourite gift...); decorated cakes to share with friends; sang songs for Jesus; shared a new Sinterklaas toy with friends. Today we are looking after animals (i.e., our cats). The kids are in charge of feeding them and giving them fresh water, letting them in and out of the house and giving them lots of strokes and cuddles. (Poor cats)

  2. I am amazed where Nico andNati get all their ideas from?��

  3. Jennifer-Rose Murphy8 December 2014 at 20:41

    It's so cute! And such a great idea Claire! X


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