Tuesday 6 January 2015

Festive Funnies...

I have taken great delight, this past year or so, in jotting down the funny things that Ava says (you can see her previous random remarks here, here, here and here)... and now that both my little ladies are incessant chatterboxes, the conversation flying round here can indeed get quite bizarre at times.

So during the month of December, I recorded the festive funnies for both girls. Of course, they are not all particularly festive in content, but given that all have been spoken during the festive season, I figured I could get away with the alliteration...


So here you have it. Ava's (3 yrs 4 months) and Heidi's (1 yr 9 months) funny phrases to cheer you in this frosty season...

Photo courtesy of John Wray - thank you :-)

Ava falls down flat on her face on the walk home from school...
Me: Ava! Is everything OK??
Ava: (dusting off her knees) Naturally everything's OK Mama!

Heidi (on ripping the corner of a page from her Bible - figured I didn't need to translate this one!)...
"Oh NEIN Mama! Jesus ist kaputt!!" 

Me: Heidi, if you want to get down from the table, you need to say thank you for the food
Heidi: Thank you for the food in Jesus name, Amen!

At around 9am (a couple of hours after their usual morning milk):
Ava: Mama! Our milk!
Me: Oops! We're always forgetting your milk these days, aren't we?!
Ava: No Mama... YOU'RE always forgetting our milk!

Ava: I just can't eat any more dinner, Mama... its giving me a sore knee...

Heidi and Ava sitting in the back of the car...
Ava: Heidi! Stop picking your nose!

Heidi: Mama... I am Anna... you are Elsa. NO singing Mama!
(Anyone else got any Frozen fanatics in their house?!)

Ava: When you were a little girl... who was your Mama?
Me: Nanny was my Mama... she still is my Mama!
Ava: And when you were a little girl, who was my Mama?
Me: I was always your Mama... I will always be your Mama... you just weren't born yet
Ava: So where was I then?
Me (thinking): Oh help.... life's big questions have begun!

Me to Heidi: What are you?!
Heidi: A cheeky little monkey!!!

Heidi (to any member of my wider family... reaching out for their mobile phones...)
"I want photo-graphs..."

6.55am... their gro-clock is still on night-time setting. I listen to the conversation in the girls room from the comfort of my bed...
Heidi: OUT!!!!
Ava: Is the sun shining Heidi?
Heidi: Not yet... not yet...
Ava: Then you have to wait a bit longer, OK? Then I'll help you out.
(Teacher in the making perhaps?!)

Ava: I don't want to go to Kiwi class today... (prolonged pause)... I think I want to melt instead
Me: confused silence...

So there you go... the final wise, witty words from my girls in 2014...

Goodness knows what 2015 will be like!

Mami 2 Five


  1. Oh they're funny, Ava is priceless! I love the Kiwi class - did you ever find out what it was? And as for the questions about before they were born, Kitty asked us where she was in our wedding pictures and we tried to explain she wouldn't be born for another five years, she said "it's OK Mummy, I was with Gran and Grandad!"

  2. Oh, bless them! What wee poppets! :) I love that they are Frozen obsessed, so much so that they'd rather melt than go to class! Too cute! I love the things that little ones come out with. Mine are getting a bit too sensible now, but I remember well the funny things they said (and We still put Harshmallows in our Hot Chocolate!) xx

  3. The girls will love hearing these funny saying in the future!

  4. They are so cute!!xx

  5. This is hilarious!! They are so funny (and very sweet!). They sound fab. My twins have just started talking and it's quite funny to hear what they are coming out with now too! Makes me laugh! #sundaystars

  6. Love the 'milk' and 'sore knees'! Children are so funny; so intriguing to watch their development and hear their words. Such thoughts out of the mouth of babes ... to more children funny chatters in 2015 #SundaysStars

  7. This is so funny! I love what toddlers come out with!

  8. Oh these are just the sweetest! I have a few of my own lines up for a post too some time. I just end up in fits of giggles half the time! You're girls sound adorable. Thanks so much fir linking up with #SundayStars

  9. This is brillint. Your little girls sound so lovely and funny. I especially liked the one about the milk. That made me laugh. You won't be forgetting their milk again. Ha Ha! Thanks for linking up to #SundaysStars. Hugs Mrs H xxxx


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