Thursday 8 January 2015

Our Winter Wonderland... Savouring the Season Finale...

Over these past few years I have learnt there are seasons for everything... savouring the season is not just about what time of year it is, but the season of life you're in as well. For the past 16 months #SavouringtheSeason has been my happy little place for storing up all our seasonal memories, but it has also become so much more than that. It's become a place where I have made blogging friends, where I've discovered some new blogs which I've come to love and where I've been able to nick loads of fabulous seasonal ideas!

But I'm realising, slowly, that I'm entering a new season of life. Come late spring, we are going to be welcoming a new addition to the family, and I want to be able to savour this season now with just the four of us, and then that season as well with our new little arrival... for all its worth.

I have LOVED #SavouringtheSeason, and I have LOVED that so many of you have got involved and shared and supported and encouraged each other as we try and appreciate the small things of motherhood throughout the seasons, and I am sad to leave it to one side, but for now, I feel that #SavouringtheSeason has run its course.

Of course, it may come back one day...

So here we go... my official goodbye to #SavouringtheSeason... of course, I don't intend to STOP savouring the season... I just won't run it as a linky any more, and I won't be feeling the pressure to always produce something on a Thursday. Somehow, when you start feeling pressured, you realise something's gone wrong with your blogging somewhere...

I will still be here, blogging my little heart away, and would love you to stop by, say hi and keep in touch! And of course, I'll still be popping over to your blogs to see all the wonderful seasonal things you are up to...

But as this is the very last one, I wanted you to share your favourite wintery post EVER... it can be one you wrote this year, last year or five years ago... but share it below, and I'll leave you with some cosy pics of our little winter wonderland here in our little corner of London...

Please make an EXTRA special effort today to pop round the other blogs who have linked up and leave a comment, and don't forget to keep visiting each other in the absence of the linky!

THANK you for all your fabulous support and encouragement over these past 18 months... I'll be back running a linky in the summer with #GetGoodSummer...

... see you there!

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  1. Thanks for hosting the link up over this time - I've enjoyed it and seeing everyone's posts. You're right though, if it is not being enjoyable because your feel pressure, then time to take a step back. The d├ęcor looks brilliant - I love anything white in the home. See you in the summer :)

  2. A gorgeous Winter mantelpiece Claire and well done on such a great run of Savouring the Season! I'm looking forward to joining in with GetGoodSummer this year too! Xx

  3. Thanks for hosting over the last 18 months. Sorry to hear it's the last, but linky's do take a lot of time and if it feels like a pressure, then may be time to step back. I have always loved seeing your seasonal displays.

  4. Thank you Claire I've enjoyed reading them.

  5. Good on you for realising when its time to stop and doing it! Its been a pleasure reading these posts and taking part. Thanks for instigating it C. And thanks for giving me the opportunity to dig out a post I'd forgotten about and that I'm rather proud of!


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