Tuesday 27 January 2015


The newest addition to our family...
Our puncher, wriggler, karate-kicker...
Much adored baby the third.

We can't wait to meet him/her.

The relief at the scan to the news "All is well..."
No excess amniotic fluid (so far)
and a perfect looking, beating heart.

The baby was thoroughly examined (and we were told when to look away! No spoiling any surprises for us!)

Just a happy little munchkin chilling out in Mama's tummy...

"It's very dark in there" (Ava on viewing the scan photos)

Only 4 months to go :-)

We can't wait!


PS - Big congrats to my cousin and his wife on the arrival of their gorgeous little Jess yesterday... life will never be the same again... in the most wonderful way. Welcome to parenthood!


  1. Glad all is well! x

  2. Thats great all is well. Hope your well too. X

  3. Aww cute little baby 3! I'm so glad all is well, that must be such a relief for you and that is one very sweet baby you're growing - just look at that nose!

  4. Wonderful news Claire! Such exciting times for you all x x


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