Friday 13 March 2015

Fashion, Frozen and French Musketeers... #LittleLoves

There aren't many linkys I link up to these days, mostly because I'm finding that I like a little bit of freedom when it comes to blogging... to blog as often or as little as I want/feel able, and about whatever takes my fancy. But the #littleloves linky over at But Why Mummy Why is something I keep heading back to now and again...

I think its because in the midst of all the big stuff of life, its actually the little things that make up the everyday...

So this is my little week in a nutshell...

This year, I set myself the New Years Resolution to read 26 books by an author representing every letter of the alphabet (check out #atozauthors if you want to join the party!)... I'm currently up to G and enjoying "Memoirs of a Geisha" by Arthur Golden. I don't actually know if "enjoying" is the right word... parts of it are pretty gruelling. But its a pretty eye-opening insight into a culture that I knew very little about before, as well as being a non-put-down-able read! Golden has a brilliant style and you find yourself utterly gripped by what is, so far, an incredible story...

I think we are the only people on the planet watching "The Muskateers" on BBC1 on a Friday night this season... I have yet to meet anyone else watching it. But we love it... its one of the few dramas that Dave and I both love in equal measure, and its become part of our weekly routine to sit down with a cuppa and watch it together. The characters are brilliantly written, the storylines gripping and I'm on the edge of my seat about what's going to happen tonight...

I've been feeling a little frumpy and self-conscious at 28 weeks pregnant, so a couple of days ago I started a board on Pinterest called "Pregnancy fashion" and I'm already feeling a little better about making the most of my bump. I find these last 12 weeks of pregnancy the hardest to feel like you look nice, as lets be honest, I just look enormous, but I feel like I'm picking up some good tips on how to carry the bump off a bit better! It's all about the layers!

I'm also loving this perfume at the moment... "Lovely" by Sarah Jessica Parker. I got it for my birthday last year, and its been sitting in the cabinet for a while. A couple of weeks ago, I started using it, and I'm loving it!

Frozen, Frozen and more Frozen... the girls are utterly obsessed, so the soundtrack's pretty much following us around everywhere at the moment...

A Frozen birthday party... does that count? Birthday Cake, games, decorations and a few other bits and bobs... you can see the full works right here!

And lastly...
This week has felt like a return to normality and our routine... it has been SO GOOD for all of us. After all the birthday celebrations last week, our days were thrown all over the shop and two tired and slightly more grumpy than usual girls were the result. This week we've had a quiet one, and I've realised yet again, just how much we all thrive on quiet afternoons. We fill up our mornings for the most part, but quiet afternoons are the best medicine for all of us.

Now we are looking forward to a fun-filled weekend, and I hope you all have a lovely one too!



  1. I love quite afternoons, so rare but welcomed with open arms! I don't watch the Musketeers but my husband does and he will go off and tell me all about the episodes.. Popping over from #littlelove
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. Lovely is my favourite perfume too x

  3. Olivia Cottrell13 March 2015 at 07:17

    Aaaay fellow musketeers fan! So anxious about the finale D:

  4. You ladies look beautiful and are blooming in this final trimester.

  5. We are massive musketeer fans. I hope the dastardly Rochfort gets his comeuppance but I doubt it since they need a villian for the next series! The Frozen short film is released today alongside the new Cinderella film (we're off to see it soon) so I imagine the worldwide Frozen obsession will continue for some time! x

  6. Ahhh adorable. Lovely round hunny and glad everything is returning to normal and routine this week for you. I need a new book will have to look into yours. Perfume sounds beautiful! Lovely #littleloves

  7. Loving the Frozen party, I adore parties with these kind of details.My husband enjoys The Musketeers too, though for some reason I've never got into it. Enjoy the weekend! xx

  8. The Frozen party looks fun! love the snack ideas! Theres something about opening a new perfume isn't there! divine! x

  9. Heidis party looks amazing!! I want a birthday soiree like that! ;) We started The Muskateers but lost interest - you are making me wish we'd kept at it now!! Have a great weekend lovely lady xx

  10. I love the Musketeers! We watched the last series but haven't been into it this time round...partly cos I can't face having to wait each week for the next instalment :p hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  11. I love the Musketeers I've got a backlog on record to watch!! The party looks amazing!! Have a lovely weekend x

  12. We watch the Musketeers, I absolutely love it! So you are definitely not alone :) I can't believe how quickly you are getting through your books, although I'm loving Rebecca I'm not managing to race through it as fast as I usually do...I'll probably still be mithering through my G in three months!

  13. I've never read Memoirs of a Geisha but it sound gripping - I'll add it to my one day I'll get to read a book again list! And I'm afraid I've not seen The Musketeers either though from everyone's comments I think I ought to - I have been watching Poldark though which I love and I'm guessing it's set in a similar time period.

  14. I suppose your'e thrilled to bits that Frozen 2 is on it's way?! :)
    The A-Z challenge sounds fab - definitely going to check that out!
    Kerry x

  15. The book idea sounds brilliant - maybe next year for me? I always feel like I look awful when I'm pregnant - I'm so glad Pinterest is helping you feel inspired. I know exactly what you mean xx

  16. I read that book a few years ago and loved it too. Lovely photos #littleloves


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