Sunday 15 March 2015

Sisters in March

March. It's official.

My "baby" is no longer a baby. She is a little girl... running, talking, joking, hiding... you name it.

They play little girl games like "Mummys and Daddys" and "schools" instead of peekaboo and funny faces.

They are growing up, these little girls of mine.

Its been a month not without its challenges. Birthday week was fun-filled, exhausting, exciting and overwhelming all at once for these little ladies, and we had the usual challenges that accompany those things - overtiredness, grumpiness and a little disobedience to boot.

But as March has gone on we have settled into normality again, and this weekend, when we headed to beautiful Nymans with friends, there were two little girls happy to run and explore and pose for Mama to catch those "Siblings" photographs.

Such a stunning place...

This changing of the seasons is a funny old thing...

Buds blossoming, crocuses poking their little heads out... daffodils glaring at grey skies with sunny yellow bonnets. And yet the winter won't quite let go its icey grip as little hands needed a little help getting warm again.

But these first signs of spring bring smiles to the faces of little flower-loving ladies.

And form the perfect backdrop for our photos...

Little sisters in March.


  1. How we love these two beautiful grandchildren!😄

  2. Oh my goodness. What beautiful photographs. Those daffodils and crocus's are amazing! Thank you for linking up with the Siblings link up x

  3. I love the spring time background. We definitely need to get some outdoors photos for next month

  4. Oh these are absolutely beautiful photos Claire- the one of them hugging needs to be put in a frame! I love how they are surrounded by the daffodils. xx

  5. Julie Blandford16 March 2015 at 06:40

    Nymans is just near where I live. Beautiful gardens x

  6. How cool are those little yellow binoculars! Quite fancy some for myself :) I love the peeking of Spring and the gorgeous colours in your photos, I just wish the weather would catch up xx

  7. Lovely photos, it look like a lovely place. Sounds like you had a busy month, birthdays are always fn but can also hard work for all x

  8. Gorgeous photos, I do love a bobble hat! x

  9. What gorgeous photos - it looks like they are incredibly close.

  10. Such beautiful photos - love the last one with your two girls in amongst all those flowers. They look so very happy together :-)

  11. Such beautiful pictures! I love capturing my girls cuddling and you've managed it perfectly in that top picture. I also love that they are surrounded by daffodils.


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