Friday, 10 April 2015

Little Loves: Week 15

It's been a quieter week this week... we have settled in to the lazy rhythm of school holidays and have made the most of the unexpected sunshine. Picnics, birthdays, country walks and National Trust Properties have consumed our mornings, and the usual naptime routine has given Mama and Papa the opportunity to have some down-time in the afternoons (mainly sorting out post and paperwork!)

Hard to believe that by the time the next holidays come round, we'll be welcoming our new addition to the family! It's true when they say that "time flies when you're having fun!"

So here is my little week in a nutshell...


I am loving my "H" book for my #atozauthors challenge... Laura Hillenbrand is a brilliant writer and I'm totally gripped! Louis Zamperini was certainly a character and I'm loving the fact that its a true story... I'm only three chapters in, but definitely worth a read so far!


I am seriously loving all the drama on TV at the moment. I can't actually think of a time in my life ever where I have been spoilt for choice for such a long length of time - Call the Midwife and The Musketeers may have finished, but we're now watching our way through Poldark and Banished. Banished is a bit more edgy... its the story of the first convicts sent to Australia, but totally gripping and I'm loving the drama! We're a couple of episodes behind the TV, but hoping to catch up in time for next week!


After a fantastic week away in Wales at Word Alive last week, I've been listening to this song this week and loving it more every time I hear it... enjoy!


Wrapping paper!

Wednesday was my Dad's birthday... he's big into travel and has always loved his geography. We're off to Cornwall this summer with my family, and looking forward to exploring our own beautiful country a little bit more. Dad got some bits and bobs for our trip, and I had great fun wrapping them up pretty and going with the "explorer" theme. Is it sad that I enjoy wrapping the presents more than choosing them?!


Blue nail polish. I am disastrous with my nails... one, because I rarely find the time to actually sit down and paint them, and two, because whenever I do, I can guarantee they will be ruined within half an hour. Always. Without exception. Except this time... somehow, they have managed to hold it together (probably because its the holidays so the housework's gone out the window and my hands get a little reprieve!)

In terms of clothes, I've been wearing anything I fit into to be honest... with only eight weeks to go, I'm pretty much out of all the non-maternity gear, so my wardrobe's shrunk considerably. But hey-ho, not long to go now... we're on the home-strait!

And lastly...

We have just loved being outdoors this week. It just feels like it adds an extra room to our house when the kids can be out in the garden all afternoon. When the sun is shining, there is no cajoling or encouraging or urging needed... the want to be out there. As long as possible. They have been playing in the play house, riding their bikes, drawing with street chalk, playing tennis and football and golf, and a whole heap of other things, and they are loving every minute. I am enjoying just sitting and drinking cups of tea in the sunshine and watching them.


I hope you've all had lovely little weeks too! Here's to the next one!


  1. Poldark and Banished are my entire tv schedule at the moment and I love it, they've both been so beautifully made and I love that at least four of the characters in Banished were actual real life people. And yay for the sunshine and being out in the garden - my girls are the same - it seems like this year is rattling through so fast, I can't believe you only have 8 weeks to go!!

  2. How cute is that first photo, so angelic! x

  3. I'm loving Poldark but I can't get into Banished although my husband enjoys it. It's nice to have a choice of period dramas for a change.
    The sunshine has been lovely and the easy afternoons just sitting in the garden. Long may it last!

  4. This weather is gorgeous, the garden is the place to be. Your wrapping paper decorating looks amazing, the kind of thing you could unwrap really carefully then put in a frame :) hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  5. I really need to paint my nails but it's so hard to find a time when you don't need to do anything for long enough to let them dry! This weather has been amazing, my kids have loved playing outside so much x

  6. Liking Poldark ... Even if they do ride along that same cliff no matter where they are going! lol. Must have a look at Banished. Did your Dad see Wild China last night? Amazing! x

  7. Absolutely love the wrapping paper... You've got me thinking!!!

  8. Oh! This is all just too lovely!!! and that first picture is completely gorgeous, such a little beauty! I definitely enjoy wrapping far more than I should ;) We're getting turf laid in our back garden within the next few weeks and I literally can't wait. It will be like an extra room, like you said! Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy xx

  9. Love the nail colour, I nearly always ruin mine within minutes of painting them too. Glad I'm not the only one xx

  10. The weather has been so good hasn't it? Felt great to get outside and let the kids run around.
    I'm loving Poldark but can't seem to get into Banished, must try and give it another go.


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