Thursday 9 April 2015

Gearing Up For Number Three... Funky Giraffe Bibs Review

This pregnancy has flown by. Literally. It's hard to believe we're only 8 weeks from D-day... I haven't read a single book, packed my hospital bag or got anything down from the attic. We had the names conversation for the first time last week (we're still in discussion on that one), and I've had so many other balls juggling in the air, that really, the fact that we're now on the final stretch has crept up totally unexpectedly.

And still the big question looms...

Are we team blue or team pink?!

That question hit me full on a few weeks ago when an email landed in my inbox from the lovely people at Funky Giraffe Bibs, asking if I wanted to do a review on their gorgeous range. I didn't need to pause for a second! Their bandana bibs are perfect for babies - so soft, practical and stylish... I loved all their designs, from the little moustaches to the vintage florals...

But how do you choose bibs for a baby when you don't know what you're having?

Well, the honest answer is, I could have picked out at LEAST five for either gender option... Funky Giraffe have designed bright, colourful, quirky bibs that stand out and are both pretty and practical. The bibs are lined with fleece to make them soft for baby's skin (and let me tell you they are seriously soft!), and also to keep the clothes underneath nice and dry (my previous two have taught me that some bibs are utterly useless and leave baby damp underneath for hours) I love the fact that the bibs are in the bandana style and have a double popper at the back, meaning it's much harder for baby to remove them themselves, and also allowing them to grow with your baby.

Basically, the bottom line is you can tell they were designed by a fashion designer in the know, and Yasmin, the Managing Director, is just that. A designer who became a Mama and knows exactly what our little people need when it comes to keeping them dry and cute, all at once.

In the end, I picked two girly bibs, two boy-style bibs and one neutral red stars bib that I thought could go either way. And I can honestly, honestly say, I can't wait to put them on our new arrival.

They are the first thing in my hospital bag... and that's the honest truth!

The best thing about them is, that they always seem to have fabulous deals... and postage and packaging is completely free! Don't you think they'd make the perfect gift for a newborn? Quirky, unique and fun... and totally useful.

Every new Mama's dream!

Go on... why don't you go and check out the Funky Giraffe website ???

Check out more Funky Giraffe products on their social media sites too...

Also available in Italy, Spain, Australia and France now too!

Disclosure: We were sent five Bandana Bibs free for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Love them! Thanks for sharing Claire x x

    1. Aren't they cute Jo??? You'll be needing some before long!!!

  2. I used these with oliver and now looks like Jack will need them too. Great invention x

    1. I've been really impressed by them, Clare. And everyone I've spoken to who has used them before has said the same!!

  3. I've used the with Pip and wished I had them with the girls - they are absolutely fantastic!

    1. Glad to see another endorser, Carie! Aren't they fab?!


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