Wednesday 30 September 2015

Me and Mine // September

There was only ever really one photo I could take for our #meandmine photo this month. It's been a milestone month for our little family. We spent the summer as a five, all together, and we have been making the adjustment to being a little three during the week. Papa is back at school, Ava has started school, and Heidi, Jonas and I are trying to find our own little rhythm.

For Ava, the adjustment has been one of pure excitement. She is loving her new school, and after the whole emotional rollercoaster of school applications and having to move away from her lovely Nursery Class, I have been so relieved to see her making so many lovely little friends, talking excitedly about what she had for lunch and sharing all the fun she's had during the day. She is coming home tired, but happy to be reunited with her partner in crime, and the two of them get straight down to playing the minute Ava is through the door.

For Heidi, the adjustment has been a little trickier. She is loving one on one time with Mama... we have been doing little chores around the house and baking up a storm (which she loves), but we've had a few fairly major meltdowns and I think its all just trying to come to terms with not having her best buddy around anymore. Every day when we head to school she asks how long until she can go to school with Ava, and she still asks me most days at lunchtime where Ava is. It will just take a while I suppose.

For little Jonas, the adjustment to routine after a summer of travels has been only positive. He is loving having a bit more structure to his day and its showing in the nights. I always feel so much more sane and with it and human again once they start sleeping though. And he is just a contented little thing who is cooing and giggling and filling our world with cuteness.

Dave and I are getting in the flow of life with three children and routine and structure again. I love us all being together for the summer, but I am always ready for the onset of term time again. I think I'm just a routine girl at heart and it just makes me happy to know exactly where I'm at.

October looms - we are looking forward to the onset of autumn, warmer clothes and a special visitor from Austria at the end of the month.

So here we are... #meandmine in September...

dear beautiful


  1. Lovely photos Claire, you are always so smiley. I need to learn the trick with Meg and Eli! I know Eli found it so hard when Meg started school and it was just me and him...he was so ready to go to school this September because he'd been waiting for two years for his turn! They do get used to it though and it always make that time when they are altogether a little bit more special x

  2. What a warm happy photo - September is always a big adjustment but it sounds like it's going well.

  3. Lovely photos Claire. It sounds like everything is going really well, although it is hard for the little siblings left behind. LL has been the same about Mads although she has started to get a little better the last week or so. Glad Jonas is doing so well and that Ava is doing well at school too. x

  4. Aww they're such gorgeous pictures and I'm so pleased that Ava is loving school - truly an answered prayer :)


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