Monday 5 October 2015

Our Autumn Bucket List // 2015


Despite the sunshine of the past week, it feels like it's arrived! There is a cool crispness to the air, the school run tramples through crunchy leaves and conkers are starting to drop.

Autumn, my favourite season, is here!

It is the season of the senses... Vibrant colours are seen, crumpled leaves and smooth acorns are felt, the scents of baked apples and pumpkin pies fill our noses, and the sounds of rustling and crunching ring loud in our ears.

And so, last night, once the children were in bed, I grabbed a notebook and pen and started to jot down our Autumn bucket list... Things we would like to do in this new season!

And here's what I came up with...

For me, the autumn is the season of thankfulness. An opportunity to thank God for all his good gifts to us. As nature explodes in colour, I am reminded to thank the creative mastermind behind it all...

And this verse becomes particularly poignant...

So, am I missing anything?? What would you put on your autumn bucket list?


  1. Great list!
    We can already tick a few of these off ;-)

  2. Great list, going to have to make sure we add some of these to our Autumn bucket list. We plan on doing lots of arts and crafts with leaves this Autumn as Bug currently has a big interest in the leaves changing colours and falling from the trees.

  3. Fab list. Looks like you have everything covered. How about making a home cooked soup or pumpkin picking if they have that anywhere near you x

  4. I love Autumn too! Corkers, hot chocolate, Halloween fun and fireworks are definitely on our list! x

  5. Great Post! I love thsi time of year!! xx

  6. This is such a fabulous list! I really need to do something like this with my kids. Don't forget your soup/hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream when you are stargazing!

    Laura x x x

  7. I love bucket lists, although I didn't do very well with my summer bucket list as I still have not ticked any of them off. Love the idea you have a scarecrow.

  8. This is a lovely list - I'm focusing on being thankful at the moment and am loving how it makes me find something good in every day.


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