Friday 16 October 2015

Baby Tales {Four Months}

Oh! This little bundle of giggles and rosy cheeks, babbles and newborn scent, roly poly legs and deep dark eyes.

How we love you Jonas!

You have grown up so much this month. I feel like you've shifted out of that newborn phase and are now a baby in every sense of the word. Those thighs that are chunking out day by day, that gummy smile and those deep belly giggles. You have all of us wrapped round your little finger.

You are such a contented little chap. Happy to lie on your play mat and chatter away to your toys. You have starting holding things and batting this month, and are fascinated by your hands. So often I catch you just holding them up in front of your face and staring at them, mesmerised.

You are desperate to roll, and barely ever stay on your back now. You haven't quite made it right over, but you are often on your side, and with a little help you get onto your tummy. You're able to lift your head clear off the ground now too! You are getting stronger every day, and its clearly tiring stuff... I still reckon you sleep 17 hours in a 24 hour period. It's insane.

These days, you are having most of your naps in the garden. I bundle you up in layers with a sleeping bag and blanket over the top, and your cute little hat, and you nod off in your buggy. You sleep so well outdoors and often I have to wake you for your next feed! A real little Scandinavian baby!

We are loving getting to know your little personality... you are laid back, friendly, and Mr Sociable but you like your space when you're tired. You just want to be left alone to get on with sleeping... but once you've woken you are happy to cuddle away, or lie in my arms (something neither of your sisters ever really loved - they always wanted to be upright!) and I just love soaking up every moment with you.

It's so true that with every baby I've had, I've been able to enjoy these early stages a little bit more.

We love you Jonas-boy... and we can't imagine life without you now.

Happy four-month-birthday!

Mama xxx


  1. Happy birthday!!!!😀

  2. Very cute little boy xx

  3. He is what you would call a "bonny baby". X


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