Monday 19 October 2015

Under the Weather Days...

We've been fighting off an array of coughs and colds and sore throats round here. Somehow we've managed not to succumb to them yet (I thank daily multivitamins for that!) but they've been lurking, hovering and threatening... One little weak spot in the immune system and they'll make their move.

And so we took it easy for a few days last week. Reigned things in, took a step back. On Thursday Heidi stayed home with me instead of going to her usual playgroup with my Mum, and turns out it was just the medicine we needed.

Thursday's are usually my bloggy day. With only Jonas around (who sleeps most of the morning) they're my opportunity to write, plan, answer emails and connect with the blogging world. But this Thursday, I put the laptop to one side and spent the morning playing with my littlest girl.

I make no secret of the fact I'm a big believer in independent play.... On giving a child some space and allowing their imaginations to run wild, but guess the downside to that is that sometimes I can go a week without sitting down and actually playing with my children.

So on Thursday, our under-the-weather day, we played. We read stories, sang along to our favourite CD, played with the dolls house and did puzzles. We ran a bath and my two littlest giggled and splashed in a warm, soapy paradise. We tickled and cuddled and had a blast. And it was bliss. I loved every minute of it, and was reminded again what a privilege it is to be at home with these littles of mine. I'm so thankful.

We're all on the mend now (for now at least) but I was thankful for a break in our normal routine just to step back and havie some fun with these little people of mine.

Sometimes home days are the best days.


  1. We've been battling coughs and colds here too, as well as two stomach bugs and a bout of food poisoning for me too! October hasn't been a fun month! Lol. I'm a greet believer in independent play too, sometimes I feel guilty for it but I can see Abbie is happy and know if she needed me or wanted me to join in, she would ask! It's great for them to expand their imagination (and also funny to watch) :) xx

    1. Oh dear! Hope you're all better soon and November runs a little more smoothly! x

  2. I agree sometimes home days are the best, we all need to step away from the technology sometimes x

  3. We have also had a few weeks of various colds, coughs and high temperatures. I hope you are all better soon!

  4. We are all a bit under the weather at the moment - general coughs, colds and runny noses. Sometimes it's lovely to just have a quiet day to recuperate!

  5. Oooh, smart move! Sounds like a lovely relaxing time. I was in the 'almost poorly' category for days and then pushed myself too hard with work, deadlines and running about and managed to get a full on nasty cold that we all caught. D'oh! Will take a leaf out of your book next time.

  6. We're under the weather and skint so have been staying in a few days recently. We've made car tracks and races and cleaned together - who says I don't show my children a good time!

  7. Definitely the best sort of days, it sounds wonderful and the kind of day that I miss the most :)

  8. Both Blake and I have had colds coming and going recently so have been spending some time in doors together watching films etc its been lovely and its good too as am pretty skint atm

  9. Oh that sounds like the perfect day. Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up with chores and work you forget how much fun it is to stop and just play. Hope you are all feeling better xxx

  10. Oh, this really does sound wonderful. I am still missing the summer holidays, as I enjoyed our days so much. The stress of term time and running around to sports and activities, and doing homework, leaves little time for anything else. Hope everyone feels better soon x


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