Monday 26 October 2015

Rainy Days and Bundled Up Babies...

"When life gives you a rainy day,
play in the puddles!"

Autumn has well and truly set in round these parts. The school run has become an opportunity to gather leaves and hunt for acorns, sun-hats have been packed away for another year, and this week, the welly boots were donned.

On Wednesday it rained for the entire day. From the start of the school run, until after I had picked Ava up... it rained. At times it was a light drizzle, at other times a downpour, but it literally didn't stop.

But it didn't hinder one little man from having all his naps outside. Somehow the patter of the rain on the rain cover over him seems to send him into a deeper slumber. Three hours in that rain on Wednesday morning, and I had to wake him for his feed!

This little eskimo of mine is being kept super cosy and protected from the wind by this gorgeous sun/wind shade that my lovely friend Catrin made for him. When its down, he loves to watch the world go by, but as soon as I pull it up, I can pretty much guarantee he'll be asleep in five minutes. It seems to make him feel extra cosy... and it looks so pretty too! Somehow those little foxes fit perfectly in with outdoor autumn napping!

There's another little lady who loves the rain... she was so chuffed to be allowed to play outdoors in this week. She wandered up and down the garden with her brolly, dressed up in her rain trousers, cosy jacket and beloved Peppa Pig wellies, singing at the top of her lungs.

She's a giggle, and I love her to bits.

And yup... ask a two-and-a-half year old to put their thumbs up, and you'll get this ^^^. Makes me laugh every time!

So what suggestions do you have for outdoor rainy fun? I think we're in for the long haul now... !


  1. Love the boots!

  2. Aww Jonas looks so wonderfully snug tucked up in his suit, and little Miss adorable really is enjoying those puddles - have you got good waterproofs too? I think you might need them!

  3. Oh my goodness. Don't your babies look adorable! I think that has to be the only good thing about Autumn/winter and that's all he cute wet weather gear

  4. Awww this is so lovely. Jonas looks so cosy! You really can't beat rainy puddle jumping. It's so much fun. We just got some wet weather clothes from 'Wet Wednesday's'. They're so cheap and my daughter sat in a puddle the other day and her clothes underneath were dry! Cx

  5. Glad you've been having so much fun in the rain. I need to embrace it more. I have to say I am a wimp when it comes to wet weather. I will have to just get some wellies on and jump in puddles when it next pours down. When it rains i'm normally a stay at home and craft person or find a play centre x

  6. Aw, sweet! Your pictures are so cute and I love the idea of the sun/wind shade - it's always nice to have something made by hand too.

  7. My cousin lives in Denmark and she was telling me that children always have their naps outside, even in below zero weather, so good in you for braving the weather and allowing your little ones to make the most of British rain ☺️!xx

  8. Aw we love rainy days too! Sienna used to sleep well in the pushchair when it was raining too. They always look so snug in there I'm not surprised! x

  9. We love rainy days and muddy puddles! But it's 20 degrees outside right now - in Wales!! Can't believe it. Kaz x

  10. Ohh I love your little ones' rain gear! My daughter has a really cute rain coat, but she needs boots and an umbrella. I love that Hello Kitty one, it's so cute! And your little eskimo looks incredibly cozy! x


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