Wednesday 16 March 2016

Baby Tales {Nine Months}

Three-quarters of a year! How did that happen little man? You are such a joy to have around - easy-going, smiley, chirpy and chatty and you really only cry when there is really something wrong. You are an absolute delight to have around and I'm just enjoying being your Mama so very, very much.

Yesterday, you made your first animal noise! You have a book with a picture of a lion on the front, and for the past few weeks, every time you have reached for it, I have said. "What does the lion say? RAAHHH" and yesterday, when I picked up your little book and asked my question, you growled back at me before I had a chance to roar! You looked so pleased with yourself, and when I asked you again, you repeated it back. You get it... its just so sweet to actually have a little call-response thing going with you now. It made my day yesterday!

You wave at eanyone and everyone... you have three different variations on the wave... a little hand twist, the usual finger wiggler, and then a full arm wave. All are hilarious, and I'm still trying to figure out if there's a pattern to which wave you pull out at which time. You wave at anyone you see though - random strangers included.... but your favourite person to wave to is that baby in the mirror. You and him seem to have some enthusiastic wave game going on.

You are a confident sitter now. Your favourite thing is to be parked up on the sheepskin rug, with a box full of toys right beside you. You can spend an hour just sitting there, pulling the toys out one after the other, and having a good old chew. This past week you have got frustrated when toys have rolled away out of your grasp, and instead of contentedly carrying on with the next toy, you've been grunting and groaning and reaching your little body across to reach them, and a couple of times have ended up in a crawling position (though have yet to actually do any crawling)... I suspect this might be the month for that malarkey, though I'm pretty keen for you to delay that development for another couple of months, if you fancy a little longer sitting contentedly and not budging an inch, that's fine by me!

You love books... you like to listen to a story, you like to turn pages and you like to eat them too. I have learnt the hard way, that if I want to read you a story, I need to give you a different board book in your hands to turn pages, flick about and chew, or else the pages are turned and grabbed at incredible speed and the story is lost. Heidi much prefers hearing the story, so handing you your own book has seemed like a good compromise!

You adore your sisters. They are, at times, a little rough with you - their enthusiastic affection is at times a little overwhelming. But you take it all in your stride, and are so unfazed by having those sisters in your face all the time! I'm sure I wouldn't be as gracious and patient as you are!

You eat everything... I've yet to find anything you don't like... and this month have discovered the joys of peanut butter on your toast. Well, there's no going back to plain old bread and butter now!

We love you Jonas boy... I honestly can't imagine life without you, and I love every minute I get to spend with you. You are an absolute delight, and I'm so grateful to God for the precious gift you are to us.

Bring on month number 10.... eek!

Ich habe dich so lieb mein JoJo

Mama xx

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