Tuesday 15 March 2016

Siblings in March // 2016

Oh March... you are whizzing by... but finally, finally seem to be giving us more substantial glimpses of spring...

And boy, are we ready for it!

This little month has been insanely busy - birthdays galore, family visiting, lots of meet-ups with old friends and new! But its been a lovely one, so far! And these little three have been having a whale of a time with all the attention!

Here's what they've been loving this month...

Ava (4 years, 7 months) is loving...
* A trip to see "The Railway Children" at the theatre... she's a little theatre junkie and is already asking when we're next going!
* Doing her "spellings" - oh how this kid loves to learn!
* Painting with watercolours - and getting rather good at it!
* looking after her brother - she's such a little mother!
* Our readaloud time - she leans over the side of her bed, utterly engrossed!

Heidi (3 years) is loving...
* Her gillet - she pretty much wants to wear it all the time - inside and out!
* Asking questions... often on repeat!
* celebrating her birthday - presents and parties and everything else!
* Her torch - her constant companion
* Big Bear - she sits and reads stories to him during her quiet time... and sometimes fall asleep under him!

Jonas (almost 9 months) is loving...
* Chewing on everything
* Peanut butter on his toast
* Playing peekaboo
* Getting the giggles at nothing in particular
* Sleep - yup! He still loves a good nap (or two!)

The Me and Mine Project


  1. What gorgeous photos of your little trio and sounds like it has been a very busy month. Glad that Ava enjoyed seeing the Railway Children - it's one I'd love to see at some point - and that Heidi had a good birthday. Love Jonas' big smiles in the photos too :-)

  2. Lovely children you must be very proud of them xx

  3. Claire Robertson15 March 2016 at 10:22

    There all getting so big x

  4. Ahhh bless them soo cute. #siblingsproject

  5. Aww what lovely photos - and I can't believe how grown up Jonas is starting to look - he's the very spit of his Daddy too, where Heidi I think is more like you, and Ava a real mix. And I'm with you on the joys of Spring - roll on the sunshine please!

  6. They do all look close and gorgeous together. Glad Heidi had a lovely birthday x


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