Monday 7 March 2016

The Home Life Project // March

I love this little project... The first full weekend of every month, capturing everyday ordinary moments with candid snapshots. It's what this blog started out as... Just a little record of the everyday ordinary.

The problem is, this past weekend was anything but ordinary!

We have, over the course of the last five days, celebrated our littlest lady's 3rd birthday, and my Mum's 60th which means, aside from my sister's impending wedding in the spring, this weekend was probably about as eventful as it's going to get this year! Meals out, theatre trips, mad rushes for trains, cookie cakes and surprise scrapbooks... Not the easiest of weekends to record the ordinary!

And yet, in amongst all the excitement, those very mundane, ordinary moments are still happening!

So here are a few candid glimpses into our Saturday morning... The afternoon got a little bit crazy with mad rushes to catch trains, theatre productions where no cameras were allowed, and trips to McDonalds... But the morning was much more representative of your average Saturday around here!

Oh, and it's all about spotting the elusive Heidi this month... It was only afterwards that I realised most of the photos feature the other two... Oops! I guess it probably evens out... She's usually my most photographed!

So here you have it...!

07:25 - Saturday morning treat is TV time... A little "Beauty and the Beast" for the umpteenth time accompanied by warm milk! The perfect start to the weekend!

07:58 - Dave probably makes me about six cups of tea a day... I probably drink about two of them! 

08:11 - little hands and little toes... A little bit of sibling love...

08:41 - Breakfast for the boy... Either baby porridge or buttered toast... Or both! Whichever way it is, he's happy as long as it's food!

09:02 - Papa and the bigs kids head out to a Dads stat and play group up at church. Jonas and I were the taxi service, and they we were heading home for a bit of down time before the rest of the weekend ensued!

10:32 - Dave and the girls are out having fun, Jonas is tucked up in bed, fast asleep... And me? I'm blogging... With a HOT cup of tea... That I drank all of!

11:37 - me and my boy, heading out to do the Lidl shop before lunch at Mum and Dad's!

13:03 - The girls at lunch... And the first appearance of the elusive Heidi! We devoured our turkey arrabiatta (thanks Mum) and then hit the city to see an incredible production of "The Railway Children" at Kings Cross Theatre. Amazing.... Genuinely!

And that was our Saturday morning in a nutshell...

How was your weekend?!

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Home Life Photography Project


  1. Sounds lovely and those little toes...adorable #homelifeproject x

  2. I just laughed out loud at the thought of all your cups of tea going cold. I reached the point where I first microwaved tea when we were having our building work done and I don't think life has slowed down since!

  3. Sounds like a fun day. My husband is sweet about making cups of tea for me often but I agree that majority are forgotten or remembered when the tea is cold. I hope enjoyed the show. #HomeLifeProject

  4. Aww I love the picture of you both in the mirror. I need to try and get in the photo's this month with Lil G. x #homelifeproject


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