Monday 18 April 2016


I have a hard-drive flooded with photographs... There are tens of thousands of them... Each one telling a story; a moment captured in time... A little step in refining my skill as a photographer. Ever learning, ever adapting. Ever growing in this little hobby of mine.

But there is one thing I have always loved to photograph more than anything else...


Capturing those memories, those emotions, those expressions and bottling them up on a memory card. A snapshot of a moment, otherwise missed... 

 Laughter, concentration, wonder...

A wide open space, a party of friends. Our church family. A visual invitation for the camera. An opportunity to refine and hone the skills; a chance to immortalise a moment.

Each face displaying the individuality of each of us. The expressions, the interests... All displaying the amazing creativity of God.

And yet each face linked eternally to each other. A family of very different people; different backgrounds, cultures, languages, ages, interests, social standings, all brought together by the gospel. All broken people needing a great Saviour. All forgiven, all redeemed, all seeking to use our little lives for the glory of the one who called us, loves us, rescued us.


Each one telling redemptions story.

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