Saturday 16 April 2016

Baby Tales {Ten Months}

Hey little buddy!

Ten months! How did that happen?! It seems to have flown by, and yet you are so far removed from that helpless little newborn... You are gearing up to be on the move now... So sturdy on your legs, standing at windows and manoeuvring from one end of the room to another... You aren't crawling yet, so I'm not entirely sure how you're doing it, but it's basically some kind of reach and bum shuffle manoeuvre!

This month has been a tough one for you, as you've battled one health problem after another. Nothing major, just the little challenges of a first winter/spring transition. These past few days you've been suffering from tonsillitis. My usually chirpy, happy, contented little boy has been clingy and sad. You were rocking a temperature for a few days last week, and then, lo and behold, on Thursday, a little white tooth appeared! Your very first! You certainly seem to take everything in your stride and seem to be in no great hurry to hit those milestones!

This month has also seen you become more aware of the important people in your life... You are starting to get shy around people you don't know, and are happiest when amongst the company of our little family of five. You find Ava and Heidi utterly hilarious and are SUCH a Daddy's boy. When Papa drives up to the window on his motorbike, I genuinely think it's one of the most thrilling parts of your day! You sit and beam at him, waving and waving and waving and not stopping until he's waved back! You don't ever seem to show a preference for me... However upset you are, as long as Mama or Papa are around, it will all be OK!

You are such a delight and joy to us little Jonas, and having you out of sorts these past few days has only made me all the more grateful for your generally happy nature. You are my little jolly boy and at this stage make motherhood nothing other than enjoyable. Of course, I'm more than aware that in these next couple of months you'll be making that transition to toddlerhood and it'll quite probably all go up the creek, so I'm going to savour these last couple of months of babyhood for all they're worth - your laid back nature, amenable character and constant smile!

We love you SO SO VERY much Jonas boy!

From your Mama xxx

Favourite Toys: building blocks, your ball, Happyland people, Mama's Tupperware.
Favourite Games: Peekaboo, dropping things on the floor, blowing raspberries, high five.
Words: Mamamamama, Pa-pa, rah (lion), and we think you said "A-ya" for Ava yesterday...
Actions: Waving, clapping, high fives
Milestones: A tooth! Bum shuffling, attempting to crawl. Standing at a ledge on your own.


  1. This boy you will have no trouble with, Jonas will always be easy going! Praise the Lord!👍


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