Thursday 28 April 2016

One Classy Hen...


After a rather eventful night (which involved firemen, floodwaters and a 4am bedtime... but that's a whole other story!) my lovely sister embarked upon her hen day. A lot of whatsapp conversations, a handful of bridesmaid meetings, some lengthy phone calls, a few mishaps (!!) and a late night dash around Tesco, culminated in last Saturday... a day of fun for the Bride-to-be and her little gaggle of hens. We were not a raucous bunch... rather a group of girls who had a lovely day celebrating this particular lovely lady, and just having a lot of fun together (and yes... some at her expense!)

The morning started off with a surprise brunch... croissants, poached eggs, fresh bread and avocado...


It was a real spread! And after driving the LOOOOOONG way around to avoid the flood waters, our bride-to-be arrived to be surprised by the Mums, Bridesmaids and Flower Girls... with tea and coffee on tap, of course...

I don't think there was anything left by the end!

A laid back, lovely affair, we made time for a picture of us all together... next stop - the wedding!

We headed off to our next surprise destination, parked up along the Thames and boarded our own boat! With two drivers on hand, the bridesmaids, with a little help with the wider party of special friends, whizzed around the boat in 20 minutes making it hen-friendly... bunting, fresh flowers, balloons, sweets, snacks and Pimms were all ready to go.

And then a very surprised Kristin, who had had NO idea what was going on as she walked down the tow-path, until the moment she saw some of her friends disembarking the boat to greet her, climbed on board!

We had a fun-filled couple of hours on the boat... and some good old-fashioned hen-party games too! (Paddy, it turns out your wife-to-be knows you pretty well - she aced the Mr and Mrs Quiz!) Sadly I failed to get a photo of the "Pin the tail on Marshall" game, but the fact my mother won it should perhaps be kept secret from her future Son-in-Law (Marshall is his dog!)

In the evening we headed out to a local bar for some delicious food and drinks and general fun! It was a fabulous day, and we all came home exhausted, but having had a fantastic time...

What an honour to celebrate this loyal, strong, fun, honest girl... Kristin - we are all so excited about this next big adventure for you, and its testament to you and your loyalty to your friendships that each of these girlies below loves you to pieces...

Happy Hen Day!

Now bring on the wedding!


  1. What a joyous occasion! Thanks for sharing.

  2. So glad Kristin had a lovey day. When I first arrived in Chessington, Kristin was probably the person who was most welcoming and friendly to me and I was really thankful for her. X


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