Tuesday 26 April 2016


This day was always going to make me feel old... The day my baby brother passes the threshold into adulthood... How can that chubby cheeked, forever-crying (!) little blue bundle be turning twenty-one?!

Happy birthday brother!

I thought a little letter for your "big" birthday would be fitting... And seeing as I'm not actually going to see you today (only a few more days!) I thought I'd put a little note on the blog... It's perhaps not as much a trip down memory lane as your 18th letter was, but I thought I'd go for a slightly different angle this time!

I found these photos the other day, and they made me chuckle... mainly because I remember taking them so clearly... just like it was yesterday... and I feel like I haven't changed at all - but, oh! How much you have! Still just a kid here - a little 11 year old.

I can't believe we are ten whole years later!

I always knew one day I would look up to you... And I definitely do. You pretty much tower over me now! But it's not just in height...

I admire your creativity... Both of us creatives, but in very different ways. You have an eye for a great composition, and you're a technical whizz. If I have an issue with anything technical or social media-related, you are my first port of call, and I can pretty much guarantee you'll be able to sort out my problem for me. I'm sure there was a time a while back where you'd come searching out my help and advice, these days it's pretty much reversed!

I admire your decisiveness and determination... Once you have an idea, you go for it. You sieze the moment and the sky really is the limit... You'll problem solve your way out of pretty much any situation and will always have an idea or a suggestion for a different way of doing things...

I admire your loyalty... You sit with me a few times a year and watch me move all my photos on to my hard drive... You do that because you know I won't do it unless you're sitting beside me, and then my laptop will crash and burn again and you'll have to come to my rescue. So you come and sit and watch me until the early hours of the morning, because basically I'm too scared I'll mess it up without you! You come home for every birthday, you prioritise our family, and you're such a fab Uncle to these littles of ours... They adore you!

I admire your desire to use your gifts for God's glory... You are good at what you do... Very good. And there's an exciting year ahead for you! I can't wait to see where God takes you or how he chooses to use you! Thank you for always being willing to use your gifts and abilities, your time and energy, to serve our church family. Treasure in heaven.

There is so much I have grown to admire and respect about you, but I think what I've loved most these past three years is that you've become not just a baby brother, but a good friend... I like to hear your opinion on things, you offer a different perspective, and you are wise beyond your years.

I'm looking forward to seeing where the next ten years takes us (and also slightly freaking out at the realisation that I'll be 40 then... FOURTY!


Happy birthday Alby! Keep running the race... keep your eyes fixed on Jesus... live your life for an audience of one...

We're looking forward to seeing you at the weekend!

Love you lots,


And a pic I nicked of yours that proves you are no longer 11... (follow my brother on Instagram @alexrobinson_films ... he's worth a follow!)



  1. Happy 21st Alex! How well I remember you & Andrew playing together as young boys....the years have flown by! Have a great time celebrating this special birthday :-)

  2. Gosh I remember your mum at primary school being pregnant with him!! Happy birthday. 👍🏻


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