Friday 15 April 2016

Siblings in April // 2016

And what a story I have to tell this month!

Three, yes three attempts at my siblings photoshoot and still I didn't really manage to get something I was happy with!

Oh dear, I tell you... I love having multiple children for so many reasons, but formal photos is not one of them. Each child you add to the mix only increases the already likely possibility that somehow your photograph will go wrong...

Give me natural shots any day!

So I was all set to chuck my original attempt, until I looked back at them; the goofy faces, whiny complaining and blurry movements and realised, this is reality. This is parenting three little siblings in all its glory... and trying to take a photo of them.

And when my third attempt was abandoned due to the discovery of a wasps nest in the children's playhouse (a whole other story!) I decided I'd stick to the originals and share them after all!

My children... not looking their best, but gorgeous nonetheless! And probably one of the last photos of Jonas sitting still (he's gearing up to be on the move guys! Oh help!)

And how they looked about an hour later...! Might explain the slightly manic expressions and hyperactive behaviour then!

PS - You can see more about our wonderful day out at the Bluebell Railway here... SOOOO fab! (and non-sponsored... we just genuinely loved it!)

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  1. They look very sweet together. I remember those days when the youngest can't move x

  2. Oh they made me laugh - you are absolutely right to use these ones because these are the photos that they're going to adore in years to come! Ah the reality of photographing three children - I'm afraid it only gets harder when they're all mobile and one of them is my Pip!

  3. May not be photo hoped for but these show their personalities and cute expressions. Very cute! #SiblingProject


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