Wednesday 11 May 2016

We're on the move!

So this was us, six years ago... fresh-faced and youthful, and holding the keys to our first house. We were a bit stunned; the house was way better than anything else we'd seen, and had popped up just at the moment we were about to give up. It was a fixer-upper for sure, needing a tonne of work, but we were kid-free at the time and had the drive and enthusiasm and optimistic eye for creativity to turn it around.

And turn it around we did. It was a lot of work, a lot of hours, a lot of energy, and some seriously amazing friends and family (Mum, Dad, Robert, Magni, Emma... we are still SO grateful!) who gave up their time while we headed off to work and transformed the place. We knuckled down and spent every weekend scraping wallpaper, painting, laying floors... we went 6 months with no oven, no hob and living off barbecues and the George Foreman (and my Mum's always open kitchen!) It was an experience!

And the very first room we finished was our bedroom.

Amidst all the chaos of those first months in our new home... amidst the dust and the clutter and the endless to-do list, this one room was our little piece of normality. Our escape from the building site around us!

And so, we feel a little bit sad, a little bit nostalgic to say goodbye to this little haven of ours.... but also a whole lot excited!

Yes it's true. David and I are packing up our things and moving up a flight of stairs that have yet to be built, into our new bedroom in the attic... Work begins this weekend and we are over-the-moon excited/terrified/dreading/thrilled about at all that is about to take place over the next few weeks!

It's going to be a crazy hectic summer... our little house is getting a fairly major makeover... we are amazingly blessed to be able not only to convert the attic, but also to extend the downstairs as well... its going to be amazing when we finally get there, but I'm not fooling myself into thinking its going to be an easy ride.

Juggling this gig with three kids underfoot is going to be, shall we say, interesting at times...

And as this blog of mine first started out as a bit of an online diary, I wanted to record this super-exciting/ scarily-chaotic phase of our lives right here on the blog. I have so many happy memories of our home exactly as it is now and there is a little piece of me that is a little bit sad to be making such drastic changes (particularly downstairs... but more on that in another post!)

I did say a little piece.

Because the vast majority of me right now is just so excited and thankful that we get to do this.

So I thought, over the next few weeks, I'd keep you in the loop as to the developments round here... and I'm also going to be recording a little bit of what our home looks like right now, because I just want to snapshot these happy little places onto my memory forever.

So welcome to our little suburban London home... this is our room, soon to be guest room, and the home of the only painted wall in our entire house.


  1. Ohh bless these improvements you are making Claire, I pray the upheaval is not too much and you get the perfect (for you) house at the end of it. Mich X

  2. Yay! Great news! Looking forward to visiting soon ;-)

  3. Exciting days for you :-)

  4. You are still youthful!😀Blessings upon you in every way! x

  5. Soooo exciting!!! And yes please to lots of updates. I love a good nose around home renovations x


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