Friday 13 May 2016

Heidi's Hats...

This crazy kid and I have had such a lovely week! I think parenting three-year-olds is a little bit like a rollercoaster ride, and you feel like you're always waiting for that crazy drop to happen, but sometimes, just sometimes you get a little bit of a reprieve from the toddler madness and its a welcome rest all round. We've had a good giggle, and not too many trouble-spots this week which has just made for the most lovely time and this little lady is just such a hoot. I think sometimes when we're in the midst of the battle ground, its easy to forget that.

We've played a lot of board games, read a lot of books, and done a LOT of puzzles... we might also have belted a few songs out at the top of our lungs before bursting into fits of giggles.

And did I mention? Heidi's taken to wearing hats... This is how I found her in her quiet time yesterday...

I think my favourite thing about this particular choice of hat is the way it pushes her eyebrows down and makes her look quite hilarious, something which our youngest daughter will always play up to...

And this wasn't the first time I'd found her donning some interesting headpiece... here's Tuesday's offering...

Crazy swimmer to Amish prayer cap. Seems she was in a more reflective mood that day!

Ah... this littlest girl of ours... a whirlwind of emotions, our little comedian, our bundle of fun and giggles, yet sensitive and shy.

Goodness knows what hat she'll be donning today!


  1. She is so cute xx

  2. Amazing how much fun you have together!!😀

  3. That picture is hilarious 😂 she's such a nutcase that child!


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