Monday 20 June 2016

Our Home Renovation Project // The Loft Conversion: Weeks 2-4

I suppose I always assumed this build would be incredibly intrusive, chaotic and disruptive to our day to day life, but half way through the loft conversion, and I can honestly say I have been so pleasantly surprised. Our builders have been amazing... so friendly, polite and easy to have around, and they're completely on schedule so far too... something I really didn't expect to be the case!

The last three weeks since my last update, have been full on, but exciting. Things really do move at breakneck speed... its hard to believe that a mere three weeks ago, our loft was a bog standard attic space... its been fascinating to watch the developments unfold - from the steels going in, to the front taking shape, to the building of the dormer this past week. I've braved the ladder up a couple of times and our builder has showed me around. It's honestly incredible how much work goes on behind the scenes... and yet I've also been amazed by rate at which the externals have taken shape too...

So here's a little rundown of the transformation... I find these kind of things fascinating to see, so thought I'd share... and in case some of you are potentially going to have similar work done, or have just always wondered how it is that a loft conversion actually comes together, here's a little insight!

Week 2: Steels in and floor down... a serious amount of behind the scenes work went in here! Amazing how much they have to undo in order to get these hefty bits of metal in, before they then redo everything!

Week 3: The front... tiles off, everything opened up, space for veluxes in and everything insulated and ready to re-tile... the internal structure really starting to take shape...

Week 4: Dormer time! This past week has been the most impressive in terms of what you can see from the outside! The guys had such a tough week weatherwise... literally, tarpaulin nightmare! But they battled through it, and I'm glad to say everything is now completely sealed and watertight and the roof is on! Phew!

And inside? Well, its really coming together now! The shell is done! Eek! It's all one big open area at the moment... there's no divide between the bedroom and the bathroom and the stairwell and landing, but you get a sense of the space... just to clarify, the guys were on their lunch break when I came up for a nose around! (Faces have been blurred purposefully)

It really is so exciting to see it all coming together, and its genuinely hard to believe that we're half way through already!

These next four weeks are going to be exciting, as we see the shell turn into a room!

Watch this space!

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