Friday 17 June 2016

Ordinary Days // Life Round Ours

It's been a busy little phase of motherhood... I guess when you have a four year old, a three year old and a one year old, that's kind of inevitable. I have been a little more out of the loop... A little less on the social media and that's felt right and good. I don't want to be so busy recording motherhood, that I miss the main event. These three are keeping me on my toes.. Filling my life with neverending questions, and hilarity and a fair dose of reality as well. Such formative years, each child different, and it takes an investment of time and energy figuring out how best to mother each one of these unique personalities.

A little piece of Norway...
This week we had a visit from my in-laws from Norway... Precious time with their beloved grandparents. Honestly, our girls count down the days to our Norwegian summers, and if I'm honest, so do I... Summer days filled with fjord swimming, wildflower picking and waffles and fresh raspberries. And every few months, Bestemor and Bestefar come and bring a little piece of Norway to us. Our fridge is now stocked with Lerum jam, and our hearts full of new memories. It was a short but sweet stay...  We miss you already! Bestefar is extending his visit a little longer, but Bestemor will be heading home to the fjords tomorrow...

Turning one... 
Jonas turned one yesterday... ONE! He honestly had a fabulous birthday... Just look at that grin!

As with all one year olds, the paper was just as exciting as the presents, but he did enjoy being the centre of attention for the day. When you're a chilled out third child, that doesn't happen overly often, so I think he was pretty much in his element!

After his Barnyard Birthday Party at the weekend, the birthday itself revolved largely around food, a play date with his little cousin and a lot of football. Victories for England and Northern Ireland meant that there was a lot of celebrating going on!

Chocolate Cake... yup... the birthday boy tried it, and really? There's no looking back now. Major error on my part. This boy now knows what cake is, and he's a bit of a fan...

But, honestly... is there anything cuter than a chocolate cake faced pouting baby?!

Loving Learning...
This girl is a sponge. She just cannot get enough of it. She walks in the door from school and wants to carry right on. She's fascinated by the Vikings at the moment... I keep finding little drawings everywhere of little long boats with red and white sails, and drawings of little settlements... We've decided we'll do a bit of a summer project and do all the learning she wants to... Lots of exploring and painting and nature journaling and museum visiting. I think I'm as excited as she is...

And she's not the only one. Our little lady is also a fan of "Homeschool" and it's all about the letters with her at the moment. She loves to show her "work" to her sister too... Here's one Heidi did last week...

We're sharing all our home learning on Instagram... you can check out what we've been up to under the #clarinasclassroom hashtag!

These Two...
These two monkeys are a total double act at the moment... They are playing together more and more and they find each other hilarious. They are a rough and tumble duo and I can see I'm going to have some serious mischief on my hands in a few months...

And all the while, life has been pottering along to the clattering and drilling above our heads, but seriously, our builders are amazing. It has been so incredibly undisruptive, I can't praise them highly enough. We are now officially half way through the loft conversion and it's really starting to take shape. A little update on that on Monday I think!

For now, wishing you all a very happy weekend! Thank you so much for stopping by this little space! After a little lull on the blogging front, I'm feeling all inspired again, and am excited to be heading off to Britmums Live in just over a week! Catching up with old blogging friends and meeting some new ones too!

Who's joining me??

Joining Katie at MummyDaddyMe for The Ordinary Moments


  1. That chocolate pout face is adorable! Grandparents are the best and I bet its even more special when you don't see them all the time. I will be at BritMums, its my first time and I am filled with nerves and excitement x #ordinarymoments

  2. Such lovely captures and it sounds like the best time. x

  3. What a lovely update post Claire and it sounds like life is wonderfully busy right now. I love the girls dresses, they look beautiful and that little smile of Jonas' is just lovely. And that little chocolatey pout is just adorable! xx

  4. Sounds like you have been busy! Hope Jonas had a lovely birthday!


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