Wednesday 20 July 2016

A Little Thank You...

It's 11.15pm as I write this... darkness looms outside, I'm weary and tired and ready to roll into bed. It's been a long, emotionally and physically tiring day, but I knew I couldn't lay down tonight without thanking so many of you, from the bottom of my heart, for your prayers today. For remembering our little family, and most especially, our little Heidi.

It was good news.

For the first time, since she was 9 weeks old when Kawasaki Disease struck, Heidi's coronary arteries are the right size. Measuring in at around 2.4mm each, its a stark contrast to the almost 6mm they were at the height of her illness in that tiny baby body 3 years ago. They are not entirely uniform, there are hints of minute little ridges and bumps which are not concerning in and of themselves (and a far cry from the ginormous aneurysms that once lined them), but enough to make them want to be cautious and not over-confident. The decision has been made to keep her on the medication for another year. If, in a years time, the arteries are still within the range they should be, a decision to take her off the meds will in all likelihood be made. I guess I was slightly disappointed its not happening now, but also hugely relieved.

The meds feel like a safety blanket. Coming off them will be challenging.

Heidi was a dream the whole afternoon... thrilled to have Mama and Papa all to herself, she chattered merrily all the way there, only pausing for breath to devour her ice cream, and took the whole process in her stride. In the past I have always been nervous about how she will react to the different examinations but she happily and curiously watched all the goings on with easy-going acceptance. She was so relaxed in the echo itself, that I suddenly noticed her eyes bobbing, and desperately tried to hold the giggles back when we realised she had actually fallen asleep! Clearly she wasn't fazed by the whole experience then!

As always, the staff were so helpful; we received a lovely visit from my uni housemate, Ali, who works there, and James, our cardiac nurse, was incredible as always... sitting with us, listening, explaining and putting our minds at rest. God has been so very, very good to us in his provision of staff who genuinely care. It's been one of the hugest blessings throughout this long, hard ordeal... a genuine mercy.

We came home feeling positive, feeling hopeful and though this particular journey still isn't over, and I'm not sure it ever really will be, I can honestly say we have learnt more about God's faithfulness, sovereignty and goodness through this trial than in any other life circumstance we have found ourselves in...

And so, we continue to pray, that God will mould us, shape us, transform us and make us more like Jesus... that somehow, this whole journey will bring glory to God, and good to our littlest lady.

I tucked Heidi up tonight, mischievous, cheeky and grinning from ear to ear. Our feisty little firework of fun... kept safe, once more, in the Father's hands.

Thank you Jesus.



  1. What wonderful news, praise the Lord! Xx

  2. Wonderful news. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. So delighted and thankful to hear this wonderful news about Heida. Thank God.

  4. Beautiful, thanks for sharing. I love your description 'firework of fun' mich xx

  5. Amazing! So great to read about the improvements in Heidi's heart. God is so good! xx

  6. Oh this is such good news!! We're wrapped for you, and thrilled that you have known God's goodness through it all. PS Lovely pic of her! x


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