Thursday 6 April 2017

Heidi says... // Funny sayings of a Four-Year-Old

My Mum shared this post called "Ava says" last week. It was a post I'd written about the funny things our then two year old had said, and honestly?  I couldn't remember her saying a single one of them. I'm so glad for this blog, it is a living, breathing record of life over the last few years: the highs and the lows... The tears and the giggles.

This was definitely one of the giggles!

And so I thought it was about time I recorded the funny things our second daughter has been saying recently... She's a hoot. Honestly. Anyone who has the privilege of spending any time with our second born will realise she's a born comedian. Understated, straight-faced... Hilarious.

So here are a few little Heidi quips from the last couple of months that I've been jotting down on my phone...

H: Jesus is on my hand. And my eye.
Me: What do you mean, Heidi?
H: He's everywhere!

(To her shocked-faced Uncle Alex)
H: (matter-of-factly) When i grow up I'm going to have a baby... But I want a push, not a cut!
(FYI - cut is referring to her understanding of a Caesarian section! 🙈)

At our friend Mary's house...
M: Gosh, that TV is dusty.
H: and up there (points to very dusty ceiling)
M: How did that get so dusty?
H: probably Jesus did it!

Ava: Papa's the best football player in our house
Me: And what can Mama do best?
Ava: Mama's the best at drawing
Heidi (pipes up): But Papa's the best at tidying up!!
(For the benefit of those who know David and I well!)

H: (praying at bedtime) Dear God, thank you for my friends... And thank you that there was NO rain today... And please, in the WHOLE WORLD, don't make there be any monsters. In Jesus name, Amen.

Keep them coming Heidi girl, you do make us chuckle, and we love you to bits!


  1. Glennis Mannsey7 April 2017 at 07:41

    They grow up so fast blink and you miss it l so wish l didn't have to work so much l missed such a lot x


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