Thursday 13 April 2017

Siblings in April // The Last as a Three


My little loves. I didn't take these photos this month. They were sent to me by Dave as I sat in my hospital room and I felt a whole host of emotions when I got them. Joy, pride, sadness, excitement... You name it.

The hardest thing about being hospitalised for the last two weeks has been not spending every waking hour with these three little ones. They keep me so busy... They are the source of much joy, daily giggles and a fair amount of hair-raising moments too. Isn't that motherhood?
Oh, but how I love them and how I have missed them... Each little character. Ava's innovation and creativity, her kindness and loopy humour... Heidi's bubbly laughter, her joy and delightful facial expressions... Jonas' belly laugh, his cosy bedtime snuggles and his stream of first words.

I am missing all of it, and that feels hard.

Someone asked the other day how they are coping without having Mama at home, and the answer is remarkably well. That is hugely down to Dave who has been a rock and has single-handedly kept the entire household afloat, but actually, I realised it's also hugely down to them having each other.


They are each other's "norm", they bring stability and normality to each other's lives, and that realisation has brought me so much joy. It's always what I dreamed of in our big little family... Siblings who were a team, looked out for each other and steadied each other during the tough times.

And then I know we're going to be ok, adding our fourth and final to the mix, because this last little one is so very blessed to have such a posse of big siblings. The way they've become a little team of three has convinced me of how very ready they are to add a last little member to their gang.

And this boy? My baby? He's suddenly grown up. Just in the nick of time, he's morphing into a proper little boy in front of my eyes...

These little siblings of mine... I thank God every day for the privilege of being their Mama. The biggest challenge of my life so far, and the biggest joy as well.

Two more weeks of being a three, and then their fourth and final member will arrive! I can't wait for the moment they meet.

I love you little ones, keep up looking out for each other.

Mama xxx



  1. Not long to go 😀

  2. What an amazing little team you have - they must make you so proud x

  3. Oh these are beautiful photos of your little trio before they become a quartet. I can imagine it must be so hard being in hospital and not able to be with them all the time. Hope all goes well with your little one's arrival x #siblingsproject

  4. Oh legs out, sunshine shining and a ice lolly in hand summer is rolling around and so beautiful. These are just precious sounds like you made the most of the easter holidays too. Such gorgeous photos of your trio... soon a four! Big hugs to you. Soon you will all be together. #siblingsproject


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