Thursday 15 June 2017

Baby Tales // Two Months!

Dear Elias,

Two months old! How did that come round so quick?! This has been the month of chunking you up, so that you now are firmly within a size bracket I feel more comfortable with... 10lb! I nearly fell off the sofa when the health visitor told me. So far removed from that little 5lb baby I had to battle to feed!

You still sleep the majority of the day away... Honestly, I find it so fascinating how much sleep these little babies need... I reckon you're doing more than 17 hours of sleep in every 24, madness!

This month you finally got to meet your Norwegian grandparents and I got some lovely photos of you with your Bestemor... You have had lots of cuddles and are fixing and focussing with your eyes now. When you're in your play mat you love looking at that other little baby in the mirror, or staring at the funny, friendly monster on the wall. 

The nights are getting better... There have been a few nights where you've only woken once. Two of your siblings were sleeping right through by now, but I'm having to remember you were a little premie so needing to bulk up that bit more.

We are still waiting for a smile... Some days it really looks like it's hovering and ready to come out, but not just yet. Your corrected age is only 3 weeks, so we are learning lessons in patience.

But oh! What an adored little baby you are Elias William... I am cherishing every moment of that sweet baby scent and those middle of the night baby snuggles. All too soon I'll be missing these days!

We love you Elias and continue to thank God for you every day!

Mama x


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