Wednesday 14 June 2017

Wild and Free // Siblings in June

I think I always knew that the more children we added to the mix, the more difficult it would be to get that perfect siblings capture... The one where everyone's smiling happily and looking at the camera. No chance... The reality was a baby who needed to go to bed and a small boy who needed something, anything, to distract him to stop him bounding full pelt towards the camera shouting 'cheese'! The out takes are quite something!

I always forget the challenge of getting siblings shots when there's a baby in the mix. It is so easy for me to get photos of the big three together now. Their little gang, spending long, hot hours creating dirt potions in the garden and covering themselves from head to toe in street chalk. The truth is, the minute these photos were captured, the big three were thrown in the tub to remove the remnants of an afternoon well spent in the great outdoors. Sweaty, dirty and full of memories they are making together.

It has been a wonderful month of transitioning to summer... Of spending every waking hour outside. They wolf down their breakfast every morning and then disappear into the garden before they're summoned in for teeth brushing and the school run. Elias, meanwhile, still spends the vast majority of his day fast asleep, and when awake is content to be fawned over, prodded, poked and kissed until it's time for the next nap. He is still very much adored by us all!

I feel so blessed when I see them all out there playing together... This tiny tribe of ours... And it makes me so excited at the prospect of a summer in two years time when all four of them will be creating summer memories together! I'm not for one minute rushing any part of this baby phase though... I'm soaking it up for all its worth!

My little brood in June.

The Me and Mine Project


  1. I am so impressed with your photos of all 4! I still haven't mastered it 11 months in. What a lucky lady you are to have four amazing babies

  2. I think these are such gorgeous shots x

  3. Such gorgeous photos of your 4! Lovely to see the interactions. #siblingsproject

  4. Oh these are making me so so broody I love them. Gorgeous dynamics between them all. #siblingsproject

  5. Beautiful photos of your children together. Getting two children to look at the camera is hard enough, let alone trying it with four. I love the way your girls are looking at each other in the final photo - their expressions are fabulous. Enjoy soaking up that baby phase x #siblingsproject


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