Sunday 2 July 2017

A Little Late // Me + Mine in June

So yes... we're two days late with our Me and Mine photos for June, and technically these photos were actually taken on the 1st of July, but its been a crazy, happy, full season and super busy. We're running on adrenaline with a severe case of endoftermitis and so, so ready for the summer holidays.

Who's with me?!

The pictures aren't perfect... the focus is slightly off, caused by a Mama who leaned her camera on top of her camera case and RAN while she had all her brood sitting in one place. Family photos are SO much more challenging these days... gathering everyone, encouraging everyone to stay put, and smile, and look in the right direction. It's basically never gonna happen. But these imperfect pictures are pretty telling of what life looks like for us right now...

A little bit chaotic, but a whole lot full.

We are so thankful.

David is loving...
* Getting back into running
* Football twice a week
* Having his Mum to visit from Norway
* Weekends
* Reunions with school friends

Claire is loving...
* Feeling normal again
* Cheering my girls in sports day
* Poldark
* Sleepy cuddles with Elias
* Jonas talking!

Ava is loving...
* All things nature
* Gearing up for Year 2 (she moves up classes tomorrow!)
* Movie nights with popcorn
* Her new shorts
* Reading 3 chapter books a week (!!)

Heidi is loving...
* Finding out what class she's going to be in for reception
* Parachute games at school
* Cuddles with Elias
* Sports Day
* Paw Patrol

Jonas is loving...
* His new pillow in his bed
* Fireman Sam
* Chattering
* Trips on the train
* Potty training!

Elias is loving...
* Smiles
* Cuddles with his siblings
* Snuggles with Bestemor from Norway
* Milk
* Sleep

It's been such a fun month... a month of normality after lots of months of not. And that has been so appreciated and cherished.

Me and Mine in June...


  1. I like that description - "a little bit chaotic but a whole lot full" - what a lovely way to describe family life. Lovely family shots of you all :-) #meandmineproject

  2. These are such lovely photos and capture life right now perfectly, we too have the endoftermitis and I literally cannot wait for the pace to slow down a little bit, why do they make these last weeks so busy!! x


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