Tuesday 25 July 2017

Nine Years

Today I'm particularly thankful to the Lord for this guy...

Nine years on from the day we made our vows and he's still my best friend, the person with whom I have the best deep and meaningfuls and the one who makes me eye-roll (and laugh under my breath, but don't tell him) at his crazy humour! He's my biggest supporter, and my go-to for constructive criticism. It's been a rather dramatic year... nine years in and we've had a couple of those (check out 2013 for good measure!) I'm so grateful for the quieter years, the years where life ambles on in a generally happy little state. The dramatic years are the hard ones... the ones where marriages are tested and relationships are tried, and yet they're also the ones where roots grow deeper and more intertwined.

David, thank you for being the strong and steady one...my best friend, our provider, the leader of our family, the hero of our children and the one who points us to Jesus.

Now let's head for a decade!

A few pics from over the years...

2006... just friends

2007 - It's official!

 2007 - Graduation

2007 - Engaged!

2008 - Married!

2008 - Honeymoon

2009 - Teacher training!

2010 - Climbing Mountains

2011 - Becoming parents to Ava

2012 - Expecting Baby number 2!

2013 - Our Heidi!

2014 - Decembeard...!

2015 - Our Jonas makes us a 5!

2016 - My sister's wedding...

2017... Our Elias

Phew!! What a busy phew years it's been!

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  1. Congratulations! Lovely pics of a fab couple and family! God bless. Xx


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