Thursday 31 August 2017

Me and Mine in August // Windswept and Carefree

It's hard to believe that a whole month has passed since my last me and mine post, and here we were... On a wild weather day, crossing the fjord on a ferry in Norway, looking rather windswept! I love these kind of photos... The salt of the earth, realiity ones. The kind of photos we had of my family growing up. Not like today when I can take fifty shorts and find one perfect shot amongst the many, but in the style of the point and shoot era, the wait for three days to get your film developed era. Well... I'll be honest, despite the masses, there wasn't a perfect shot, because we were all being almost blown overboard and poor little Elias wasn't loving it! But this is life right now... Fun-filled and slightly crazy!

Life is a whirlwind!

So here we are... Me and mine in August...

David is loving...
* Getting stuck in to a good book
* Sunset walks along the fjord
* Last days of playing with the children before a new term
* Suits, series 5
* His UE Boom speaker

Claire has loved...
* middle of the night snuggles with Elias
* amazing news about Heidi's heart
* Nature Journalling 
* Having the whole family at home
* Celebrating her birthday.

Ava has loved...
* Celebrating her birthday
* Weaving
* Visiting the goats
* Her new handbag
* Learning about the Vikings

Heidi has loved...
* No more medication - a huge milestone this month!
* Her Ballerina box
* Gearing up to start school
* Jumping in the ice cold fjord
* Reading Mrs Pepperpot

Jonas has loved...
* Calling Papa "Papard"
* Playing with his cousin, Ethan
* Riding on the tractor in Norway
* His "Beep, beep, beep! Time for sleep" book
* Being fully potty trained!

Elias is loving...
* Giggling at anything and everything
* Going swimming for the first time (and the second!)
* Moving up to 3-6 month clothes
* His new sleeping bags from his 2nd cousin, Kate!
* Discovering his hands

It's been a wonderful summer... So many fantastic memories and milestone moments. It's been fun and freedom and real life learning... Now we're ready to hunker down into some routine again, although I will be sad to save Dave and the girls off to school! Summers are so very precious.

Me and mine in August.


  1. Sounds like you have had a lovely summer in Norway and lovely photos of you all on the boat. That's great news about Heidi not needing any more medication and well done to Jonas on the potty training front :-) #meandmineproject

  2. Oh I do love your Me and Mine pictures from Norway - it's such a beautiful spot and you always look so happy and relaxed, even when windswept - I'm so glad you had a wonderful time!

  3. This is a proper "life as it happened" shot - and a lovely one too! I used to love Mrs Pepperpot when I was a child and you've just reminded me of the stories! #meandmineproject

  4. Oh I love these so perfect in my eyes. I remember the days getting them developed and we all either weren't looking or eyes closed hahaha we are so much luckier these days. Lovely adventures with your family this month. #meandmineproject


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