Monday 4 September 2017

Making the Switch // My Skin Story and Biomed Review

Many of my regular readers will know we've been making a switch in our family over the past eighteen months or so... moving away from synthetic, chemical products and towards a more organic and natural lifestyle. It was a few small decisions at first, but the more I've researched, the more I've been convicted that a lot of the lifestyle decisions we had been making were not good for our environment, and certainly not good for us. It's a topic I'm increasingly passionate about, and a journey I'm planning on sharing a little bit more of over the coming year. It's impacted our food choices, approach to health and wellness, domestic life and even our clothes purchases.

But really it all began with my skin.

After Jonas was born, I started to get this weird red rash on me at random times. It would look like one of my children had attacked me with long nails... I'd get streaks on my neck, my face, my arms... I couldn't locate the cause, and after chatting with my Doctor, she suggested that perhaps my hormones were still up the creek and my skin was displaying super sensitivity. It was highly frustrating, and highly embarrassing.

And so that was the first switch we made. I cut anything out of my skincare that contained parabens, synthetic fragrances or sodium laureth sulphate., Cutting these was a tough call... each of them are pretty much contained in every shower gel, shampoo and hand soap on the market. But the results were immediate, leaving me wondering what it is that we are pouring onto our bodies, day in day out, without a second thought. I made the switch with David and the children soon after.

There's a whole blog post in this story, but the long and short of it is, when Biomed approached me about reviewing their organic medical skin care, I jumped straight on board. Natural products are out there for the buying, but what grabbed me about Biomed was that all their products were clinically and dermatologically tested... and therefore both natural and organic, and scientifically proven to be good for my skin. They generously sent me four of their products to try out...

I tested all four of their products over the summer, wanting to give them a good trial before putting anything up here on my blog. The Ingrow Gone was incredibly helpful over the summer season, and their Body Firmer has been fantastic for my post baby stretched skin. But it was the other two products that I was really won over by...

I used the Five-in-One Cleanser every morning and every evening for the entirety of the summer. Within the first 48 hours it brought out all the rubbish my skin had clearly been burying. There was a proper detox going on! It wasn't the most pleasant (thankful for make up) but it wasn't horrific either... just a few spots in the typical T-zone. But after that, it was bliss. Honestly. My skin has truly never felt as soft as it does after I wash that stuff off. And I haven't had a single spot all summer. Genuinely. My skin has never been awful, but I'm prone to spots appearing at the most inopportune moments, but those spots have stayed well away... and all in the knowledge that I'm not pumping copious chemicals into my system.

The other product I've really loved is the Pure Detox Mask (pictured at the top!) I've been sticking it on every three days or so. I give it around five minutes to sit on the skin, and then rinse it off in the shower. It is so good. And so good for me too!

The only possible problem with the products was that all the accompanying leaflets were written in German - while this is no problem for our family (we speak German!) it could be a potential issue for non-German speakers, until I made the discovery that all the information is available in English on their website - problem solved!

Using these products regularly, I saw a real improvement in my skin... it felt much less oily, softer to touch and clearer in general. I'll certainly be investing in their skincare products once this lot runs out! I've never been one for spending on skin care, but with my skin sensitivity issues, and the difference Biomed have made to my skin this summer, I'll be placing an order. Their prices are actually very competitive in comparison to other skin care products, and they come in good sized amounts. The best bit, though, is knowing I'm minimizing my skin's exposure to chemicals, and protecting my family too.

And for you lovely readers, they have offered a 30% discount on any orders over E29.99 (valid until 1/11/2017) for anyone who places an order using the code clarinascontemplations30%

So if you're prone to skin sensitivity, or simply want a more natural approach to your skincare, why not pop over to their online pharmacy and place an order?

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Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. The products mentioned were received free of charge, though the review is an accurate portrayal of my honest thoughts and opinions.


  1. This is wonderful Claire :) I'm so glad you've found a solution to your skin ♡ It's amazing how much unnecessary and damaging ingredients cosmetic companies put in their products. The app 'think dirty' tells you straight away with a traffic light system for each product -which might be helpful.and of course, Tropic is 100% natural, toxin free and cruelty free ♡

  2. dreamingofthecountry5 September 2017 at 19:05

    Great! Something I'm passionate about too...I look forward to hearing more x

  3. Sounds great!😍


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