Monday 15 January 2018

Nine Months Old // Our Darling Elias

I have felt particularly emotional this week! I'm not entirely sure why... I walked home on the school run last week and chatted to a Mum for the first time in ages about Heidi's illness. All those old emotions flooding back... I've been reminiscing too, throwing on those dangerous rose-tinted glasses and realising all the lovely things I used to do with my girls, and feeling guilty that I haven't perhaps been as creative with my boys. And then there's this little one, who has hit another milestone... nine months.

Nine months with our darling teeny tiny Elias, who is now a chubby, chirpy sitting little man.

And with every day that passes, we are getting to know our Elias a little bit more.

He's sociable - oh how this boy loves people! He loves to watch them, chat to them, be entertained! I suppose you'd have to expect that from the youngest of four children... but his whole face just lights up if one of us sits down and has a conversation with him. He reminds us of a little puppy... only instead of a wagging tail, he just starts bouncing and kicking his legs if anyone gives him any attention.

He's a sensitive soul - We've discovered he's not a fan of Jonas roaring in his face (to be honest, I don't blame him) - and when there's a sudden, unexpected loud noise, the bottom lip goes and he's inconsolable. He likes fun and a bit of action, but he does seem to have a soft side, and I absolutely adore that about him.

He's a sweetheart - a total charmer, you look at him and he beams at you. He's a cuddly little thing too... he'll lean right into you and give you a proper hug, arms around your neck, snuggling in. It melts me every time.

He's a sleeper - he's had the daytime routine down for months, but AT LAST he's started consistently sleeping through the night!! Hallelujah!

Our Elias - this month you have mastered sitting (at last!) and sleeping, you love pulling off your socks and rolling your 'r's... and you LOVE your food. You devour ridiculous amounts of it, and there's not a single thing that you don't like to eat (unlike your brother who still has a total aversion to fruit!).

We are so thankful every day that your precious little life was spared... that you were gifted to us... and we absolutely cannot imagine life without you darling boy!

Happy 9 months!

Ich hab dich SOOOOOO lieb!

Mama xx


  1. So cute and so alert! How lovely for you to have been blessed with Elias and just so special that he is enjoying being part of a lively family :-)

    1. He is a little gem, and we all love him to bits! Thank you for taking the time to comment!


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