Wednesday 31 January 2018

When Your Friends' Kids Become Your Kids' Friends // History Repeating Itself

I spent some time with a dear friend last week. Chatting and feeding ducks and watching our little ones in the playground. This particular friendship goes way back - way, way back... and now a couple of decades on, its so much fun to see our little people enjoying each others company...

and they really did. They just kept eyeballing each other and then breaking into fits of giggles. It was super cute. And kind of made us break out into fits of giggles too.

It's so crazy to me to think how many times my sister and I, and this little lady's Mama did this exact trip, almost 30 years ago. Feeding ducks, playground trips... while our Mamas (who are still best friends!) looked on and chatted and probably never dreamed that one day we'd be back in this place doing the same thing with our own little people.

History repeating itself.

The next generation.

And it reminded me of those verses in Ecclesiastes 3...

Whatever is has already been,
    and what will be has been before

It's so true, isn't it? How life runs in cycles... how you find history repeating itself... and you're reminded of the beauty of seasons and the joy of assurance. That though we do not know what will be, we are safe in the hands of one who does.

Our children are safe in his hands. He will plan and shape our days and their days.

And maybe one day, they'll find themselves back in this little wintry spot, feeding ducks and watching their children giggle at each other...

or maybe the Lord has something else for them!

So thankful that I don't need to be anxious about what the future holds for these precious little ones - because they are safely in the hands of the Father!

PS - Am running SUPER late on my "Me and Mine" photo for this month...
hoping I can grab a shot after school tomorrow! Eeek!

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  1. Oh! Yes! So true! We even know friends children who've grown up as friends and ended up marrying each other... Who knows but Him? :-)


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