Friday 16 February 2018

Heidi's Heart // An Update

Please pray for us today.

Heidi has an important CT scan up in London to check the state of her heart since she came off her medication in September.

It will involve a cannula, going under a tunnel, and not being allowed to move for a significant length of time (for a four-year-old anyway).

We would appreciate your prayers that Heidi would be calm and peaceful, that the scan would be straightforward and they would not have to sedate her. For trust for David and I. And for wisdom for the Doctors.

We are very glad to be taking Ben the Bear with us (Heidi's class bear).

But far more thankful to know the presence of the Saviour who walks with us through all the uncertainties of life.

We are so far from those dark days of 2013, but today I can feel all the memories, the old anxieties threatening to surface.

Pray we will trust. And cling to the hope of Christ.

And be ever thankful for a God who cares. Who loves. Who sacrificed. And who loves this precious girl of ours far more than we ever could.

Thank you.


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