Thursday 15 February 2018

Our Elias Boy // Ten Months Old

Elias, after such a hard little start, you have truly filled these past ten months with nothing but joy. You love life... you thrive on company and are the most sociable little soul, jabbering away in your own little language with the odd "Ba-ba" (Papa?) and "Ma-ma" thrown in for good measure. You are a little joker, and already understand the concept of messing around to make us laugh. When we ask you to say Mama, you silently mouth it, and giggle away to yourself.

Such a little monkey already.

With six teeth now (the sixth popped out last night - the night after these photos were taken) your face is rapidly changing from little baby, to giving us a glimpse of the little boy you are becoming, and while I'm ever thankful for every milestone you hit (given the fact you were so early), each milestone is also bittersweet. My teeny tiny baby is teeny tiny no longer. You are growing up, little man... revealing a little bit more of your bubbly, vivacious, joy-filled character every day.

The other night Heidi and I were in the bathroom, and she commented on the fact that there was no sweeter baby in the world than you, and I, remembering how much Heidi had wanted a little sister, said "So you're glad we got a boy after all?"

"Oh yes, Mama... Elias is just the cutest baby in the whole world. I'm so glad he's our baby boy."

Utterly loved by us all.

So happy ten months my little man - keep rolling your way around the room, keep finding joy in the little things, keep warming the world with your brilliant smile, and keep chattering your beautiful babble into the hearts of others.

We thank the Lord for you every day,

Mama xxx

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  1. Sweet little Elias who give us all so much joy! x x x


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