Saturday 16 June 2018

Dear Jonas... You're Three!

To our little Jonas...

Hard to believe that’s its been three years since you first meandered your way into our lives, 12 days overdue, and with no sense of hurry! You’ve always taken things in your own stride, done things at your own pace and, holding firm to your convictions, not worried yourself too much about what other people expect of you, or what you should be doing! I love that life is never a rush for you, that you somehow manage to run around our house at breakneck speed, and yet, for the most part, always seem cool, calm and collected.

You are our little joker... you love nothing more than making your sisters laugh, and are very quickly becoming Elias’ favoured comedian too. You are a master at facial expressions and exude an inner confidence that reveals a happiness in your own skin. What a gift that is!

You adore Ava, you are thick as thieves with Heidi, and Elias and you have your own little secret world of hilarity that I really wish I understood, but that brings me a smile every time I hear the two of you ferociously cackling over goodness knows what. I’m pretty much sure you’re his hero already, and I really hope you are always as tight as you are right now.

You are such a little articulate person these days - in all three languages - and you daily make me laugh with little phrases or quips. You are an affectionate soul and love your family best of all. If asked who your best friend is, you will answer without pause for thought - ‘Elias and Heidi and Ava and Mama and Papa!’ Oh Jonas- you are our best friend too... funny and sweet and kind and generous, you are such a good little friend to us all and we love you dearly!

On your third birthday, my prayer for you is that you will take the gifts and characteristics the Lord has given you and use them for his glory... your strength of conviction, your humour, and your loyalty to others are all characteristics that can serve you well. Our prayer is that, as you learn more of the Saviour, you will take him as your own and will be moulded into HIS likeness, and that people will see his character shining through yours! 

So Jonas boy! We hope you enjoyed your wonderful, fun filled 3rd Peter Pan birthday!

Just don’t go growing up too fast!

I love you little man,

Mama xx

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