Saturday 16 March 2024

Heidi's Escape Room Party - The Circus Medrano Challenge!

Time is flying by at force at the moment, and its hard to believe that two weeks have already passed since Heidi's 11th birthday party! It was such a fun one though, and while I've been a bit lax sharing the birthday parties in recent years, I didn't want to miss this one!

When Heidi announced she'd like an Escape Room Party, it was time to get the creative juices flowing. She had a lovely group of girls that she wanted to invite (plus her two brothers!) and booking them all in to an official escape room would have been outside our budget. So instead, we decided to buy a DIY one, and then focus on creating the "room" to put it in!

I ordered a kit from a company called Escape Room Geeks - and was so impressed! This post is completely unsponsored, but I'd definitely recommend them. The Circus Medrano kit was recommended for age 10+ and it was definitely geared right. They had to work to solve the answers - it definitely wasn't easy - but it wasn't impossible for them either!

It was lovely to see them all so engaged and working together to find the answers!

We transformed the room into two identical escape rooms; it was so much fun - and wonderful to be rewarded by Heidi's overwhelmed but insanely happy facial expression! We were so pleased with how the sets were set out, and I'm immensely grateful to my wonderful friends Carrie and Tammy for their generosity in providing sets, props and circus games!

Once it was all set up, the girls arrived and began their time with us with. We kicked off with some plate spinning and diabolos and handed out some spy kits complete with moustache while they waited for everyone to arrive!

... and then we set them loose on the Escape Room!

Most of the girls had done official escape rooms before, so it took them a little while to adjust to using the app and not just relying on the physical items in front of them... but once they got their heads around it, they were off! I love seeing their brains whirling and the way they pull together as teams - so many skills developed in this kind of party!

The boys stayed out in the first room with me and we did it together. There was no way they'd have managed it solo (it was definitely geared at the right age group) but they loved it with a little bit of direction... Elias has already requested an Escape Room party for his birthday too! (Thankfully they do a wizard one for 5-8 year olds which is perfect for this little Harry Potter fan!)

Once they had escaped, they enjoyed having fun with the photo booth we'd made - trying on the costumes and just generally having fun!

Then it was time for take out pizza...

... and birthday cake...

... and the appearance of another special little lady. I'll let you imagine all the oohs and aahs and "she's so cute!" that followed in a room full of 11 year old girls!

It was such a fun party. I loved the little years of birthday parties, and honestly thought the older years wouldn't be as creatively fun for me (birthday parties are my love language - I literally love putting them together!) BUT this party was so much fun!

Now it sounds like I need to gear up for another escape room party next month when Elias turns 7!

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  1. You always make everything so much fun maybe a new career as party planner extraordinaire x the pictures are just wonderful . Well done super mummy xxxx


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