Monday 18 March 2024

Life round ours // A Weekend Documented

A few years ago, there was a blogging photo project that I took part in every month called the #homelifeproject - I've assumed its disappeared now, as much of the blogging world has evolved and changed and moved itself onto other platforms, but on Friday afternoon, as the children were going about their different after school activities, I remembered it and the joy of documenting the ordinary, very small, insignificant scenes that are actually the moments that make a life.

I miss that.

And so I decided to document again. Just this weekend, to pick up my camera a bit more and not ask for poses or highlights - but just document the every day ordinary...


15.47 - Jonas at the piano - pretending to play the "demo" is always a winner round here. He is starting guitar lessons after Easter though which we're excited about!

16.02 - Homework, homework, homework. Grateful that our eldest is pretty self-motivated and just gets on with it! Not sure it'll be so easy with some of the others!

16:17 - The "evens" decided to make a banana loaf with some overripe bananas for our street coffee morning on Saturday. These two love a bit of baking, but it was the first time they baked independently together (Heidi usually bakes solo or with Ava, and Elias usually bakes with me!)

16.32 - this little lady slept a lot on Friday - she was a bit sad after having her 8 week jabs at midday and was happiest when snuggled up and snoozing. While she was sleeping I tackled another corner of the kitchen... springtime always puts me in the mood for decluttering!

We rounded up the evening with "Friday night pizza night" and a movie (Liliane Susewind) which was cut short by me having to bail with a very unhappy bubba that just wanted her bed. Poor little thing. 

Ava headed off to youth group and the others to bed, while I wrapped up some chores (laundry - gah!)


The kids had all headed off to football/theatre, and good friends of ours who have recently moved away dropped in to meet Annika! She slept through most of it!

11.54am - the kids were all back from their groups and topped up their hours on their "1000 hours outside" charts - we are loving this challenge this year, and enjoying spending more time outdoors! Each of the children has their own chart - its their responsibility to keep tabs of how many hours they have spent outdoors each day!

12.14pm - Coffee morning on our street has been a tradition since lockdown. Every Saturday, 11.30am. Annika always gets handed straight to the lovely Marjorie who celebrated her 90th birthday last year. The oldest and youngest members of our street! I meant to snap a photo and forgot - so this is one from last week!

3.15pm - Heidi and I headed to our local beautician to get her ears pierced for her belated birthday gift. She was super excited about joining her big sister in the ears pierced club!

4.07pm - we followed it up with a trip to our cafe for a slice of cake and a drink. (Each of the kids has "their cafe" that is special to them. It sounds crazy, but somehow having their own special place that they get to go to very occasionally for one-to-one time seems to work a treat) Heids and I have been coming here sporadically since 2018 when she was 5!

5.28pm - cuddles with our neighbour - who then stayed over for a sleepover. She and our big girls are super-close and its lovely.


Sunday morning was manic - I had six children at home and Dave was on music at church for the first time since Annika was born. The kids and I made it to church just in time!


After church, the girls headed off to play with their friends, Jonas headed down to the church hall for football with the lads, and Elias found a corner to dive back into his current read! (Guess the book??)

1.41pm - then it was back to my parents for a roast dinner and time with the family!

1.47pm - while my little niece and I spent some happy time colouring away to our hearts content. Two year olds are so fun!

4.02pm - meanwhile the littlest ladies are loving all the attention!

While my parents have gone from 6 to 10 grandchildren this past year... 7 girls, 3 boys... the girls are definitely dominating!

Here's hoping these two will group up to be besties!

All in all, a lovely little weekend! And a lovely one to document for the memory bank!

Do you ever want to document the ordinary moments?? I highly recommend it! There is something lovely about capturing the mundane everyday!


  1. I love this claire - mine at the moment would be mainly of us catching up on sleep or up the hospital visiting dad or the nursing home to see my mum. Or looking aftet graham at the weekend plus church.

  2. I love reading about your adventures and activities and life in general


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