Sunday, 30 May 2010

Thankful in every circumstance!

Good evening all! It's 10:30pm and I am SHATTERED! I am, however, extremely grateful to be looking forward to a week of half term- no school!!! Bliss...

Our half term has set off to a rather unexpected start, however. On Saturday afternoon I headed into town with my friend Steph for some much needed antique shopping; one hour, £20 and an antique mirror later we were heading back home, and then I received the phone call...

"Claire, I'm injured". Isn't that just the dreaded sentence for any WAG out there!!!?? Your mind spins to blood, and bones, and long hours in A and E... well. I arrived home to find Dave in the armchair with his foot up and the remainder of my frozen peas laid across a tennis-ball lump sticking out of his ankle. Ouch!!!

Well, there were 3 hours spent in A and E, but not by me. It is testimony to my husband's faith that despite everything, he can only see positive in this. How do you make 3 hours in A and E positive; according to my husband you have blissful peace and quiet to read a book you've been intending to read for ages and you see your week of school hols on crutches as "a great opportunity for enforced rest."

So, we're learning to thank God even in frustrating events that initially look set to destroy our holiday plans, but in fact are opportunities to see his goodness and blessing in every circumstance!

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