Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Home sweet home!

We are home. Exactly two weeks since we were first admitted. Exactly one week since we were discharged for the first time. Something about Tuesdays it seems...

When I think back to life three weeks ago, it seems like a distant dream. Rose-tinted, carefree. Two beautiful healthy girls, a little baby who seemed too good to be true - sleeping through the night, barely ever crying, happy and smiley and so very contented.

And then Kawasaki's struck. And life took a turn we did not expect, shocking us to our core and throwing us into a rollercoaster ride that rocked our world. Our baby was sick... our baby potentially is sick. And that is something we are having to come to terms with.

Tomorrow afternoon we go to the Brompton to find out the effects of the disease. The next six weeks will be a rollercoaster ride of too-ing and fro-ing between hospitals, highs and lows of waiting and watching to see if anything develops on her coronary artery. We pray it won't. We long for good news.

But waiting and watching we know the One who knows what it is to suffer; who knows what it is to watch your beloved child suffer...

He brings comfort like no-one else.

For now, though, we celebrate. Our little family is reunited at last. We are home in the comfort of the familiar. Our baby is cheerful and contented on the outside, and all signs of illness have vanished.

We long for the same to be true on the inside.

Please continue to remember us in your prayers.

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