Monday, 22 July 2013

#GetGoodSummer: Week Three Linky Party

Well, we are officially a third of the way through our #GetGoodSummer... don't panic if that freaks you out! Perhaps, like me, you are now totally over the initial enthusiasm and now hitting the difficult terrain of being lethargic/apathetic/still a long way from the end...

This is where this accountability thing totally kicks in! I have been so encouraged by you all and your dedication to doing this is making me stick at it! Seriously, I love reading all your posts and seeing how we're all in this together. These next couple of weeks will probably be the toughest, but lets stick it out together!

My #GetGoodSummer this week has been a bit of a quieter one... simply getting on with it! Here's how my goals are going...

1: Half and Hour Exercise every day. I'm working hard on my physio exercises every day. I have Diastasis Recti after my two fairly swift pregnancies, and so, in the words of my midwife, my stomach muscles are "shot to pieces". For this reason, I can't do anything too hard core (my hub has started "Insanity" workout this week, and I'm desperate to join, but being sensible and boring and having to say no :( gutted) So at the moment, my half hour is consisting of speed walking, daily physio exercises and the odd spot of cycling. Once I get to Norway, I'm intending to brave a daily fjord swim (ice-ice-baby! Eeek...!)

2: Make Homemade Lemonade. I ticked this one off my list in week one... but I've made it three times since. It is SO easy, and just so refreshing in this hot weather!

3. Read through Genesis - Leviticus. I'm half way through Genesis, and reading through this AWESOMELY helpful commentary by one of my favourite writers, Iain Duguid... "Living in the Gap between Promise and Reality." Loving Genesis. Such familiar territory, and yet I'm seeing new signposts to the Saviour every day.

4. Scrapbook for Heidi. Epic fail. Haven't even ordered the photos yet... oops. Still have six weeks to go on this one!

5. Make three things from "All Sewn Up" Two down, one to go... Last week I made some homemade coasters, and I've just finished some bunting which I plan to share with you all next week! The question is, what to make next?!?

So that's my #GetGoodSummer week... how are you getting on?!

Link up your week three posts, and please have a read of a couple of other links and leave some comment love. There's nothing so encouraging as receiving a supportive word or two from someone else!! I'll be making sure I work my way round all of you over the course of the week!

If you aren't a blogger, just leave a comment and let us now how you're getting on!

If you're a newbie, just choose five goals you'd like to put on your Summer Bucket list and link up!

Next weeks #GetGoodSummer will be coming all the way from Norway!


  1. Hi Claire,

    Here is my list:
    1. Don't rush and only do one thing with L.
    2. Make a pouffe for L's room
    3. Do more arty things with L.
    4. Paint the dining room cabinet
    5.Write a will which has been on my list since L's birth (2 and a half years)
    Thanks Claire for giving me the incentive to do these important jobs!
    And well done on your progress with yours!x

  2. Hi, We are a bit joining in, but we have done a linky :)

  3. 1) I have cleared 2 bags of clutter from back room
    2) achieving the reading for at least 30mins a day
    3) trying to maintain personal time
    4) France next week for that task
    5) will no more in 6 weeks for this one but I am walking at least once a week though I try for more and following Claire's examples there is normally a jug of homemade lemonade in the fridge thanks to her recipe

  4. Late planted bulbs doing well. Thanks for giving me the incentive to plant them. Not sure if I have the courage, but always wanted to ride a horse, now can afford it so contemplating adding it to my bucket list. What do my fellow bucket thinkers think.

  5. Good to see you are making progress - unlike me.....will link up again soon x

  6. Thanks for your kind words about my book. I'm currently visiting South Africa to teach and I stumbled across your blog. I'll be praying for little Heidi.

    Iain Duguid


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