Friday, 28 March 2014

Me and Mine: March 2014

March is a wonderful month. It's a month of birthdays and its the birth of springtime. We have savoured the first signs of sunshine, enjoyed lots of garden play and adventured out on a few family bike rides.

Our baby girls are growing up... they are slowly and surely turning into little girls - little girls who love to play dress up, cook playdough dinners and whose world is all about rainbows, butterflies and Disney Princesses.

Soon, Heidi will give up her morning nap and Saturday mornings will be ours, as a family, to explore and enjoy the summer months.

For now, we are savouring the quiet springtime mornings at home while baby sleeps and big sister cooks and cleans and cares for her babies in her little H├╝tte. 

This little home has been well used, loved and cared for... I can't wait to see these girlies spend many happy hours playing there. And, of course, Papa and I are not averse to a constant supply of tea, coffee and cake! Homemade by our little ladies!

So here is our March "Me and Mine" photo... sunshine, smiles and a Scandinavian playhouse.

Our March in a nutshell!

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  1. Beautiful photos Claire, I have to say I'm really envious of the playhouse. I think we need to get one for the kids, just for the tea and cake!

  2. Really beautiful pictures Claire the playhouse is divine. Mich x

  3. Beautiful photos. I adore that playhouse x

  4. What a lovely playhouse and photos :)

  5. I LOVE this gorgeous family picture, gotta love a Wendy House! And your's is spectacular, what a treat for your little ones?! #LivingArrows

  6. What a lovely little play house. I'm sure they will get so much fun and okay out of that as they grow.
    I'm loving all the little signs of Spring, it's such a lovely time of year. And gorgeous family portraits to match.

  7. Ah these are lovely, and I am so desperate to buy my girls a playhouse but my husband won't let me until they are a little bigger! Lovely to have photos out in the garden this month. x

  8. that's an ace playhouse - E would adore one of those in the garden. Oh, we'd need a garden first!

  9. Oh these photos are just gorgeous! I've said it before I know but that is such a gorgeous little playhouse I'm not surprised they want to spent all their time there!

  10. Oh I adore your playhouse! Since we moved we haven't been able to put ours back up! And now I see the better weather I hunk hurry up we have to move!! Thanks so much for your comment yesterday, must be the hardest thing to see your little one suffering xxx

  11. What a gorgeous play house! My boys have just got a new playhouse too, so you've given me an idea for future Me and Mine photos hehe.

    I remember all too well how life can be affected by naps, much easier when they shift to just the one nap. Here's to many morning adventures for your family on the horizon.

  12. Such a lovely picture. I too really love the playhouse, and it's the perfect backdrop for a family shot. There is nothing quite lick an endless supply of pretend cake - and the best bit is that it's calorie free!

  13. That is one lovely playhouse! Such gorgeous photos x


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