Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Sunday

Easter is always special round here... this year, perhaps more so. The day was overshadowed by the tragic news of a friend. The beautiful hope of Easter made all the more poignant in sadness.

Death is not the end.

It is not victorious.

Christ offers hope, and a future.

And that is the message we try, year after year, to portray to our little girls in a tangible and memorable way. We want them to understand that Christ came, not only to be a good man who walked the earth and did amazing things, but to die... and rise. So that death's hold could be defeated once and for all. So that they can know what it means to be truly free.

So that life, even with its tragedies and heartaches, can begin to make sense.

Jesus died the death I deserved to give me the life he deserved.

And then he rose again... promising me the glorious hope of life after death too.

So on Sunday morning, I was up at the crack of dawn putting some finishing touches to our Easter breakfast ready for a celebration. The sadness of Good Friday was not the end of the story...

The joy, hope, mercy of Easter Sunday is.



  1. Sounds like a beautiful easter despite the sad news. Gorgeous pictures x

  2. sorry to hear about your friend. I think we all need reminding about the true meaning of Easter (I know I do.) Love those cute bunny ears. x


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