Monday, 16 June 2014

Father's Day and World Cup Fever...

Father's Day seemed to creep up on us suddenly this year, and so this week there was a flurry of activity creating all kinds of Father's Day goodies. It was the first year Ava was really able to be involved, and the theme was easy...

It's World Cup Season.

For the next month, our schedules will be dictated by who's playing who at what time (although to be fair, it doesn't really make any difference... every game is a match to be watched!) and although I joke around about being a World Cup widow, I don't mind. I'm a secret fan of international football - shhh!

So we decided some world cup goodies were in order for Papa: the official tournament magazine and a homemade celebration shaker... for all those goals England are going to score in the rest of this round.. and beyond. (Don't get me started on the match on Saturday - I was on the edge of my seat for the entire thing and I thought it was the most brilliantly exciting football I've seen England play in years... and I know we lost, but I'm remaining hopeful and optimistic!)

So if you're after a World Cup craft for any little football fans in your house... here you go!!

You need:
- 2 paper cups
- Rice
- Stickers
- Coloured Paper
- Glue

Take your two cups, laying one of them top down, and decorate it to your theme! Stickers, paper flags, words! And let your kiddo have free reign!

We decorated ours with England flags and "World Cup" stickers! Ava had a little bit of help with the writing and cutting, but otherwise did it all herself.

Pour a little bit of rice into your bottom cup (less is more!) and then just roll good old sellotape to join them together... if you wanted to be extra classy, you could use Washi tape - a little more aesthetically pleasing! We were going for the homemade look!

And of course, the girls didn't want to be left out... so we had to make shakers for all of them!!!

All we need now is for England to score a few more goals, and we'll have full on celebrations in this household!!

All in all, Papa was pretty happy with his World Cup Welcome at breakfast yesterday morning...

from two girlies who are BIG fans... perhaps not so much of the football, but definitely of their Papa!


  1. What a wonderful idea! I am sure papa was happy! Looking forward to thursdaynight!

  2. Aww lovely idea! Shame we didn't do quite so well in the world cup but I bet Daddy loved them :) #creativemondays

  3. A nice cheering idea! I dont really understand football/soccer at all but the spirit that people are showing to support their team is so nice! #CreativeMondays


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