Thursday, 12 June 2014

Summer Garden Glory: Savouring the Season Linky Party 34

Summer has arrived in fits and starts this year, and I've no doubt we still have a few (!!) rogue rainy days to contend with. Still. I am very much in the mode of savouring this sunshine right now, and with the sunshine, our home suddenly becomes twice as big as the garden opens up as our extra room.

I do just love the garden.

Last year, I gave the garden a bit of a makeover, and this year, we are reaping the benefits. The girls, of course, spend the vast majority of their time in their beloved little Hytte, and its a wonderful shady spot when the sun gets too hot. But me? I just like to be outside and soak up the sun with a good book and an ice-cold drink.

Of course, with two toddlers, sitting out with a cold drink and a good book happens very rarely! More often than not I'm on my hands and knees weeding, or picking up dropped bits of rice cake or breadstick, or pottering around prettifying our little green space... or watching from the kitchen window as I get on with some housework... 

We're hoping to plant some onions in our vegetable patch this week. And if you've got a veg patch, you've got to have a scarecrow, right? He's also prooving to be pretty nifty at keeping the foxes away!

This has been the first year I can really get the girls involved in the gardening. Both girls planted sunflowers this year; Heidi's sadly was destroyed by the crazy hailstorm the other day, but Ava's is thriving, and she is dedicated in watering it, sometimes a little too enthusiastically, every day.

We are zealous examiners of our Creepy Crawly Hotel, and discovered a slug, a snail and a lot of earwigs last week!

So all in all, our garden is a lovely place to be at the moment! And this weather just makes it all the more wonderful...

Have you made the switch to summer loving yet?

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  1. We love summer and the garden, too at the moment! And we finally have a fence!!!
    The little playhouse is so lovely... I'm sure the girls will be playing lots in there when we visit!
    Xxx Catrin

  2. I love love love your little scarecrow and your bug hotel! So so cute and wonderful to get the kids involved in the gardening.

    1. I am a bit in love with the arrival of summer! Monkey loves his little house and sandpit and the weather forecast for tmw set to be glorious I think I may get the paddling pool out for him! So nice to be able to enjoy being in the garden isn't it? Much better than being stuck indoors!! Xx

  3. Love the little scarecrow. Cute idea.
    I have zero summery posts this week *sad face* will definitely sort that out for next time!

  4. Your garden is amazing, I love the scarecrow and the bug hotel, such brilliant ideas :)


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